Chapter 16- Madness.

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Marissa's P.O.V

Where could she possible go? 

I started to feel so uncomfortable, like I was stuck in this same old nightmare that I felt so many years ago. 

I looked for her everywhere, just to be sure that she wasn't here. 

And once again I was at the beginning, so I asked myself again...where could she possible go?

Niall's P.O.V

I waited for the first beep after I put my ear against Harry's cold phone.

" Hi this is Marissa, I'm not here at the you can tell....but just call me later or send me a message, thanks" 

I took the phone slowly away and stared at it. Her voice. I was with her when she did this. I laughed at her sillyness and she did too. I kissed her because she looked so cute, giggling like and idiot. She kissed me back. 

" Are you alright mate?" Harry said and shook me loosly.

" She left me" I managed to say. I handed Harry his phone before I would brake his to. 

" I know Niall....Maybe she left for a reason..." Harry said and looked at me.

" Oh yeah, like Ally left you?" My voice was so ironic that I was even surprised. I didn't mean to say this right into Harry's face but when he said that Marissa left me for a reason...

Harry stared at me shocked, like he didn't believe that I even said Ally's name.

" I'm sorry Harry, I didn't mean to say this" I felt so guilty. 

I couldn't read Harry's eyes. Was he mad, hurt disappointed or did he think it was funny? There was no way to tell.

" Go and show her the letter. She needs to know" Harry said serious. I guess he chose the easier way. We were both hurt the same way so he knew that I didn't mean to say this. He understood.

" But how? I can't reach her phone" I started getting butterflies in my stomach, like I was in some action movie. I felt the danger coming. Madness.

" Let's go to home...and wait for her. I get Louis then we go" Harry said and was about to walk to the house.

" Harry?" I turned around and he stopped. 

I walked closer to me. Harry waited for me to ask him something but instead I wrapped my arms around him.

" I don't understand how she could leave someone as amazing like you, she gotta be mad in her head to do that" The words flew out of my mouth like I had holded them in for so many weeks.

Harry pulled away and looked at me.

" I'm sorry that I didn't believe you" Harry smiled his weak smile, wich kinda broke my heart in more pieces then it already was in. He had suffored to much.

" It's alright mate, it is" I sniffed. I didn't wanna show Harry that I wanted really to cry on his shoulder. Just hold it in Niall.

" Now.." Harry said and pattered me on my shoulder. " Let's get this motherfucker"

I couldn't help it but laugh when a smirk got on Harry's face. Then he ran into the house and before I knew it Louis was hugging me.

" How could I be so stupid" Louis said and shook his head. 

" There's no time to think about that, let's go" I said and smiled to Louis who smiled back. Then we headed off to their flat.

*Marisas's P.O.V

I have to go home. I have to talk to someone.

These words were swamling in my head as I walked to the door. I opened the door and kinda ran to the car. I needed to get away. 

" A ticket ?! " I set angry to myself when I saw a white piece of paper lying on the car.

I rolled my eyes and was about to take it when I noticed that it was to thick to be a ticket for parking on a wrong parking lot. It had my name on it. 

I looked around before I took it quickly and got into the car. I opened it.

I only had few minuets to write this one since you were already in Ally's house.I didn't think that she would even let you in after she got her letter. I thought that I made myself clear that she had to break all her relationship with every single one of you in this tiny stupid little group of yours.

So...I told her that she would get punished if she she will get punished. I sended someone over to her house to "pick her up". He told me that you were in the kitchen, so he didn't have to tie you down or anything. Lucky you Marissa.

Hope you will not look after her. Or you will be in serious trouble. Or maybe not you...maybe someone in the family? Oh no, I have a better idea.....


I stared at the letter. This person followed me. She knew I was in there ! Ally is in danger because I forced her to let me in.

I screamed.

I drove off. I had to talk to someone, and that fast. I have to.

I was driving to fast. I was in my own thoughts. Suddenly, I heard a loud car only few miles away.

I looked to right and closed my eyes.

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