Chapter 6- Someone in the dark.

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" Are you ready guys?" I heard Niall say.

" C'mon sweetie let's go" I said and picked up Amelia. She kissed me on the cheek and I walked to Niall who held the door open for us. I put Amelia in her car seat and sat down in the front seat.

" Ready?" Niall asked and looked at me. I took a deep breath.

" Ready" I answered and Niall drove off.

Today was the day that Liam was supposed to get his letter. That's right, it's the 5th day. 6 September.  We suggested that today was a perfect day to meet up, have dinner and just talk. Liam and Harry agreed but Louis was busy with Brittany. That was pretty bum because I really wanted to talk to him, about the letters. 

I was in my own thoughts all the way to the flat. 

" I'll take Amelia" Niall said as he parked the car. I shook my head to wake myself up.

" Yes please" I said. 

The 3 of us ran inside and I closet the door behind us.

" We are here! " Niall yelled and bent down to take Amelia out of her coat. I hung mine up and walked in were I saw Ally putting dishes on the table. 

" Hi" I said and smiled. She looked at me. There was something about her that didn't look the same. 

" Hi ! " She said and smiled, but I saw that she had to force to make one. Didn't she like me? She kept putting dishes, then glasses on the table.

" Can I help you?" I asked her.

" No it's alright, really" She said without looking at me. I nodded my head and walked into the living room were Liam had Amelia sitting on his lap and Zayn was admiring her. Harry on the other hand was having a conversation with Niall.

I said hi and sat down in my favorite chair. When would the person drop the letter? We parked so he or she wouldn't see our car. 

I looked around and saw Ally walking into the bathroom. She looked worried. What was happening ?

" Harry? Can I talk to you for a private?" I said as I walked to him and Niall.

Harry looked at Niall confused.

" Sure" He said and we walked to the bedroom hallway.

" How are things between you and Ally?" I asked and Harry smiled.

" You promise that you don't laugh at me?" Harry said shy.

" Of course ! " why would I laugh?

" I'm so in love with her, that though we are in the same flat but she's not right by my side, I miss her" He said and started making circles with his toes on the floor.

I gasped.

" Ow Harry ! " I said and hugged him. " That's so good to hear" I said. 

Harry smiled and blushed when I let go.

" I'm not to cheesy am I?" He asked.

" No no of course not ! " I looked at him. Harry. Harry that always had a hard time commiting to someone. And finally he found her. Ally.

" I have only one question left" I said. 

" Yeah sure" Harry said and leaned to the wall.

" Is it just me, or does Ally look like she's worried? " When I said that Harry got all confused.

" Do you know where she is?" Harry asked and started looking around.

" I saw her going to the bathroom" I said and pointed at the bathroom. Harry nodded his head.

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