Chapter 1

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" Helluuu" I heard Niall's voice as I closed the door behind me.

" Hi" I answered shortly and took my jacket off and hang it up in the closet. I looked at my watch. 21:30. I was tired as hell. I walked straight into the living room were Niall sat in the sofa drinking beer and I could see 4 more bottles, some finished some half full.

" You had a guy night when you were supposed to take care of Amelia?" I asked Niall who didn't even take his eyes of the TV. 

" It wasn't a guy night, they just came over and when Amelia was asleep we drank beer and relaxed" He said. He looked at me, put the green bottle on the table and took my hands when he saw how pissed I was.

" I even read to her..and sang" He said and dragged me closer to him so I had to look at him. 

" You are not saying that because I want to hear it?" I asked. Niall chuckled.

" babe believe me...How was at work today?" He stroke my chin gently and smiled warmly.

" fingers are hurt after holding the scissors for so long...I think I cut 22 heads girl had this very long hair and she wanted me to cut it untill I couldn't cut it anymore ! " Niall looked surprised as he wanted me to continue but I knew that he didn't care, he just wanted me to talk about my day.

" And what did you do?" He asked.

" I cut it...she was so happy when I was done. Her neck hurt so much because her hair was heavy...but she feels better now...I think" I was getting bored about talking about my day.

" What about you? Do you like the school ?" 

As you know, Niall was very interested in playing the guitar, so when he saw that one public school near our neighborhood needed a teacher to teach guitar he asked for the job. They didn't care that he didn't have any education in teaching but they liked him so much and they desperately needed a teacher so they picked Niall. 

" Yeah I really like it there...Many talented kids there, but the fun part is to teach the youngest. They are so cute when they stick their tongue out when they are trying hit the right strings" Niall said and smiled to himself. I bet he was thinking about the moment the kids did that.

" I'm glad to hear that" I said and Niall woke up from his thoughts. 

" So...are you like tired or like tired tired?" Niall asked and a slight grin came slowly up on his face.

" depends" I said and started unbutton his shirt.

" On what?" He said and looked seductive in my eyes and bit his lower lip.

" I really need to take a shower....I don't like going alone" I said and Niall smiled.

"We can fix that" He said and I stood up and made my way to the bathroom. Before I got in I stopped and looked into Amelia's room. Her light brown hair spread out on the white pillow. 

" She got her mother's beauty" I heard Niall's low voice say as he wrapped his hands around me from behind. Then he started to kiss on my neck.

" Shall we move this to the shower" Niall whispered to me. I turned around and pushed him loose away towards the bathroom.

" You don't know what you are asking for" I said and walked to him. His eyes explored my whole body as I walked closer and closer to him.

" You're so fucking sexy" Niall whispered when I laid my chin on his shoulder and undid his belt.

" I'm all yours" I whispered to him and placed a kiss on his bare shoulder.

So this is the first chapter. I know it's not long , it was just to get you a little something :) ...hope you liked it :) 

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