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Uncle's Little Bunny  by UnclesLittleBunny
Uncle's Little Bunny by Urahara Usagi
DDLG- Daddy Dom Little Girl UDLB- Uncle Dom Little Bunny
Literotica 18+ by MaDeArGal
Literotica 18+by MaDeArGal
All rights go to the authors of Literotica.com and xnxx.com
Mine (Dark Ryan Peake) GIVING AWAY by Nickelback_4_Life
Mine (Dark Ryan Peake) GIVING AWAYby Nickelback_4_Life
~ WARNING FOR THIS STORY: This fanfiction will be a dark fanfiction of one member of Nickelback - Ryan Peake. In other words, AU Ryan Peake. If y'all don't want that, pl...
Send me back (unclexniece)  by HaeunS1
Send me back (unclexniece) by Haeun S.
A death brings two unexpected people, who are not supposed to be, together. Norah was unable to get a grip of herself, at least not the way her family wanted her to. Tha...
i love uncle henry by iamthedryad
i love uncle henryby iamthedryad
The story of a young uncle and his niece
Uncle.Jeon//KV by Jeon_Kim_TK
Uncle.Jeon//KVby ♕ˢⁱⁿᵍᵘˡᵃʳⁱᵗʸ ʲᵉᵒⁿ✨
က်​ေနာ္​ဦးကိုခ်စ္​တယ္​...ဦးက်​ေနာ္​့ကိုျပန္​ခ်စ္​လာ​ေအာင္​ဘာပဲလုပ္​ရလုပ္​ရက်​ေနာ္​လုပ္​မွာ ဦး! #Tae hyung :by Jeon_Kim_TK !!warningပါရင္​ပါႏိုင္​ပါတယ္​!! ...
Irondad & spiderson One shots {open} by shan_hamilfan
Irondad & spiderson One shots {ope...by shan_hamilfan
COVER AND CHARACTERS NOT MINE The title describes it all :) (you can request all you want) Also no Starker. I do not stan any of that. Starker can burn at the pits of he...
Avatar Zuko by AbbyStaffyIsGeek
Avatar Zukoby AbbyStaffyIsGeek
AU where Aang was never the avatar, and the airbending avatar had died in the Fire Nation attack. The next two avatars also both died without consequence, no one even re...
Kidnapped to be a teenage baby by helloitsdiapergirl
Kidnapped to be a teenage babyby helloitsdiapergirl
17 year old girl gets kidnapped by the age play adoption place. Gets adopted by two men. Has to wear cute baby clothes and act like a baby. (Sorry I'm not good at descri...
Son of Holmes by Syliphen
Son of Holmesby Zora Riddle
After being called for a case consisting of the murders of the inhabitants of Number Four Privet Drive, Sherlock finds a boy hidden under in a cupboard under the stairs...
Mafia dad by random_person4820
Mafia dadby random_person4820
Where mattia is your dad and you have overprotective uncles you are 6 years old. You have a mom her name is jora and she treats you bad but she doesn't do it in front Of...
mortala || stiles and the avengers by thezqueen
mortala || stiles and the avengersby :(
MORTALA [adj.] unrelenting and deadly; involving loss of divine grace or spiritual death. stiles was tired of the pack running behind his back. they had been shutting hi...
Two Avatars? | Aang  by tim-nam
Two Avatars? | Aang by ♡ Euphoria ♡
One day when the world was most in need, there would be two saviours. And those saviours just happen to be connected in a very strong way~ -HIGHEST RANK- #1 AvatarTheLas...
Powerful Families by WiseGirl014
Powerful Familiesby Hermione Horan
Percy Jackson returns home after the Giant's War to find his home ruined and his parents missing. After a month of investigations, the police find he has a long lost unc...
Duke and Duchess of cambridge daughter by unknowntotheworld225
Duke and Duchess of cambridge daug...by unknowntotheworld225
Stacey Elizabeth Diana is a 16 year old girl who happens to be Kate Middleton's, the Duchess of Cambridge, and Prince Williams, Duke of Cambridge, daughter. She was born...
Ash [Prince Zuko] by ReadingForevs26
Ash [Prince Zuko]by 𝐇𝐚𝐝𝐥𝐞𝐲
"my life has crumbled to ash, but you best believe that i'm going to rise like a phoenix." [BOOK TWO]
Daddy's Little One by sadlonelydepressed
Daddy's Little Oneby Ash
She's the youngest of the Alpha, she's his Little One. She's a special pup, not ordinary, not normal at all. Tiny and frail, Alpha Daddy makes sure she is never unattend...
The spiderling and the trickster(second book) by Pendragon2407
The spiderling and the trickster(s...by Pendragon
" shut up brat" the man kicked me in the side and I whimpered Peters kidnapped once again but this time it's by Loki and a new person will he survive or will h...
Sam: A Summer With My Uncle (Tony Stark fanfic) by LotsLove2z
Sam: A Summer With My Uncle (Tony...by LL2z
Sam is a foster kid that thinks she has finally found a permanent home, but she was wrong. The Warren's decide that they want to give her up, but the system is having a...
The Moon Goddess's Granddaughter by its_just_anagha
The Moon Goddess's Granddaughterby Anagha Menon
The Moon Goddess is slowly losing her powers. She now faces a dilemma, she has 5 sons whose mates haven't been able to bear a girl child who could take her place and bec...