Chapter 26- All this time.

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I truly hope that you will read to the end ..


" Wait here, I'm gonna get Amelia" I said and kissed Niall on the lips before I got out of the car and ran to the flat. I slept at the hospital so I was scared that Liam didn't take care of Amelia. But of course I was wrong. 

Liam opened the door for me. 

" Hi, did you go home or what? Where's you phone anyways?" Liam said and crossed his hands.

" Can I come inside?" I asked smiling, trying to be irresistible cute  to fight with. Liam had a weak spot. If I was too cute, he couldn't yell at me.

" Of course, come in" Liam shook his head and opened the door more for me. I stepped inside.

" So why didn't you tell me?" Liam asked. I looked around to check if Amelia was anywhere near.

" She's watching a movie with Zayn" Liam said shortly. I nodded my head.

" I'm sorry, I had to go to work and then straight home to Niall and....things happened" I said and smiled.

" Alright, I don't wanna know more ! " Liam said and put his hands infront of his eyes so he couldn't see me. Then he went back to normal, or when I stopped laughing he did.

" You left your groceries here, so don't be mad if the ice-cream is nowhere to be found...the rest is in the fridge" Liam said and tried to act like nothing happened about that icecream.

" Oh well..." I said, glad that Liam didn't ask more questions.

" Why doesn't Niall come inside?" Liam was looking out of the window.

I found that I blushed.

" I just came in to get Amelia, we are going fed her and everything?" I asked before I opened the door to Zayn's bedroom. I could here Tom and Jerry music coming from the room.

Liam raised his eyebrow.

" No, I cooked a dinner for myself, bathed myself, and went to sleep while Amelia sat infront of the kitchen table, painting. Oh and she slepped on the floor" Liam said so sarcastically.

My eyes got bigger.

" Of course not ! Marissa ! I know how to take care of babies, not that Amelia is that but...ugh forget it" Liam waved his hands.

I laughed and opened the door. I was so sure that I would see Amelia sitting next to Zayn as they watched Tom and Jerry but I tried not to laugh when I saw Amelia sitting on Zayn who was fast asleep.

" Liam ! Get your phone, quick ! You've gotta see this" I whispered as loud as I could. Liam came running with his phone in his hand.

" Shh, don't laugh" I said and tried to hold it down. Liam's hand were shaking so much that he almost dropped his phone. Finally he got the perfect picture. After been laughing like idiots, Amelia kissed Zayn on the cheek and ran to me.

" Hi mom" She said as I lifted her up to hold her.

" Hi sweetie, shall we go home?" I asked as I looked at Liam who stroke Amelia's head.

Liam helped her get dressed as I took the groceries out of the fridge and in plastic bags.

Liam opened the door for us and Amelia ran out.

" Amelia, stop right now ! " I yelled after her and looked at Liam.

" Thank you so much Liam, you're the best" I said and kissed him on the cheek.

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