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Girl Behind the Mic by purple_princess143
Girl Behind the Micby isabella
Let's face it there are shy, awkward people in the world and Emily just happens to be one of them. Her love of singing makes her start a Youtube Channel and her insecuri...
  • mic
  • anonymous
  • popular
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Leaving Me Behind by Shani_AM_AWESOME
Leaving Me Behindby Shani_AM_AWESOME
Who helped Dylan get his first audition? Me. Who gave Dylan all the support when no one else would? Me. Who was Dylan's best friend? The one person who pushed him to ch...
  • normalgirl
  • celebrity
  • famous
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What I Left Behind by dinaAbu
What I Left Behindby Dina
Description: She loves him and he loves her. But that is as friends of course. Blake Gray and Ethan Bradley are the closest of friends living their young, wild lives...
  • college
  • romance
  • left
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Behind Closed Doors  (boyxboy) (Unedited) by MaxNight
Behind Closed Doors (boyxboy) ( Max Night
For two years now Kaine has been in love with his roommate Seth. Seth didn't let Kaine's love for him affect him at first but one day he started growing feeling for Kain...
  • gays
  • boyxboy
  • behind
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Behind The Jersey by LilMissSpontie
Behind The Jerseyby Alexandra :)
How can a person be so infuriating yet so intriguing? ••••••••••••• Elizabeth Kennedy never really thought of sexy football all star slash steamy quarterback, Colton Bla...
  • quarterback
  • hate
  • cheerleader
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Behind That Smile by toldyminds
Behind That Smileby Toldyminds
P O E M S - Started: February 2018 End: THIS IS ENDLESS WRITE TO EXPOSE EVERYTHING SHE FEEL ABOUT PAIN. Original thoughts and words by: TOLDYMINDS Plagiarism is a...
  • slawardswinner
  • regret
  • slowly
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The Truth (Book 2) by NatFelicia
The Truth (Book 2)by Nat
This is the truth behind his past. The reason for his cold hearted ways. And the reason for the rumors questioning if there even is a heart inside his chest. This is the...
  • jared
  • cruz
  • truth
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ChanBaek: Behind The Cameras by soranokonan
ChanBaek: Behind The Camerasby Sorano Konan
What is Chanyeol doing to Baekhyun behind the cameras? When no one was around? When no fans around clicking their camera phones at them and when they're alone or back to...
  • idol
  • baekhyun
  • exo
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Dracula: Behind the Scenes by Secret_Ella
Dracula: Behind the Scenesby SecretElla
Publikace stvořená zejména pro filtraci všech emocí a myšlenek autorky, také však pro samotné čtenáře příběhu Dracula. Jak to vypadá za oponou tvorby tohoto příběhu? Co...
  • problémy
  • characterask
  • upíři
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Left Behind (A Fred & George fanfic) by PriscillaWrites
Left Behind (A Fred & George Priscilla
What if Fred Weasley's mischief wasn't quite managed yet?
  • resurrection
  • twins
  • fanfiction
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Save Me by imani148dr
Save Meby S.H.
Erika Kingsley fits the stereotype: blonde hair, blue eyes, rich dad. In definition: the spoiled blonde brat. But she isn't. The real her wants to be accepted, but can s...
  • school
  • loss
  • uncle
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The blonde & The bad by lovelycodyfan
The blonde & The badby AJ
“Making friends is hard, falling in love is harder but falling in love with two wrong persons is astonishing easy. Still I would have preferred my life simple, no Guy, n...
  • church
  • help
  • talking
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Behind Enemy Lines [Nikita] by Millie055
Behind Enemy Lines [Nikita]by Emily
Katherine Joni Quinn pulled strength from her traumas when she found herself in a dark place. Having killed one of Division's main providers, she has ended up inside Div...
  • enemy
  • yvonne
  • strahovski
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Left Behind (sequel to Not Alone) by OfficiallyKenz
Left Behind (sequel to Not Alone)by Kendra ✌
Anna has once again found herself alone in the walker infested world. But she's not completely alone this time, she has Andrea with her after the farm was overrun. Will...
  • daryl
  • dixon
  • sequel
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Greedy 1: Prince Gabriel Fournier by Vasilieev
Greedy 1: Prince Gabriel Fournierby Keii
Prince Gabriel Fournier is an asshole. He has everything. He has fame, money, family, talent and intelligence. But because of her ex-girlfriend who just left without bid...
  • understanding
  • hurt
  • pain
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Darkest times by MichaelSmith701
Darkest timesby Awan Baird
I have chronic depression disorder, I wrote this to describe how I feel sometimes.
  • dying
  • depressed
  • crying
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Behind The Camera 🎥 by jerikafanaccount1
Behind The Camera 🎥by jerikafanaccount1
Behind The Camera is a fanfic of Jerika! It's the stuff that goes on Behind The Camera! Jerika is Jake Paul and Erika Costell! They were a YouTube couple and a couple in...
  • costellars
  • jakepaul
  • erikacostell
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Short horror stories by Sreeshti2502
Short horror storiesby Sreeshti Roy
Warning- these will keep you up at night These are a few short stories I wrote and found on the net. I hope you enjoy and get the chills. Highest: #1 in HORROR #6 in PAR...
  • revenge
  • murder
  • insanity
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Words left behind (One-shot) by littlemissselle
Words left behind (One-shot)by littlemissselle
  • left
  • behind
  • tears
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« Do you keep my old messages, If you do please do not read them » Only one message turned Elena's life upside down. As Tyler was curious to know more about the message...
  • writeforyou
  • stupidlove
  • girl
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