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She's Bad News by Bright_as_night
She's Bad Newsby Bridget
When Corinna Evans' mother is sent to prison, Corinna has nowhere else to go so she moves back in with her father and his family. Determined to make it through these la...
  • forever
  • family
  • music
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Bad Boys Love Good Girls by SecretIdenity
Bad Boys Love Good Girlsby TheUnknownGirl
Dangerous men love innocent women. Innocent women don't go looking for dangerous men, but somehow the end up in the hands of them. She just wanted to give her uncle hi...
  • dark
  • kay
  • love
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Erebus by RainToTheMusic
Erebusby :Grey;;
(CURRENTLY UNDER MAJOR EDITING) She's a soft-hearted omega who never deserved the terrible life she had. He's the terrifying Dark Alpha who would kill without a second...
  • possessive
  • fear
  • werewolf
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she was untouchable. by shani_leigh
she was untouchable.by S H A N I
Eloise suffers from Haphephobia, the fear of being touched. Her mother, Katherine suffers from OCD, obsessive-compulsive disorder. Eloise's condition, it was a genetic...
  • teen
  • haphephobia
  • lonely
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Broken by michaella_2413
Brokenby Michaella Maksoud
He's dangerous, he's cold hearted, and not the one people really want to get involved with. Tyler is the alpha of the Silver Heart Pack. He's known for getting what he w...
  • broken
  • love
  • mate
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Coldness by Filippa2003
Coldnessby Filippa Olander
"Jeez you must be freezing!! Jump in!" He told her. He was worried. She wasn't used to that. "Thank you." She barely whispered out. Her voice was low...
  • jackhemmings
  • ill
  • benhemmings
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Why, Alpha? by GiannaCc57
Why, Alpha?by GiannaCc57
"You are just too innocent" he said looking at me. "I'm not" I replied "I have some secrets that are dark as your soul, Alpha Cole". You...
  • shewolf
  • werewolf
  • female
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The Lycans' Claim (completed) by aPieceOfGranite
The Lycans' Claim (completed)by JustNiamh
I was average. Ordinary. I had a few friends,followed the rules and tried to stay out of the way of males,like every other female. He was a Lycan. His possessiveness an...
  • werewolf
  • family
  • completed
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Her Insanity ✔ by nienachanse
Her Insanity ✔by Tuanette Fianshi
(BOOK #1) Faith was a rogue but she wasn't by choice, she was forced to be one. To live on her own in the wild for years since she was 16 years old. She got captured by...
  • peace
  • forgiveness
  • werewolf
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The Alpha Meets The Rogue by xXdemolitionloverXx
The Alpha Meets The Rogueby Olga Guevara
Leila lived with her pack all her life. It was until she was forced into an arranged marriage that she ran away from home. She turned into a rogue and while running away...
  • shifter
  • escaping
  • confession
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The Doll Collector by AllessandraSilis
The Doll Collectorby Allessandra Silis 🌹
• Highest Ranking #6 in Horror 9/9/2017 Bloody mannequins have been found in various parts of the city of Los Angeles; all dressed in the clothes of missing women, and w...
  • plottwist
  • scary
  • victims
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Bound by Law (COMPLETED)  by bvtterflyeffect
Bound by Law (COMPLETED) by | l i z z i e |
Highest ranking: #9 Romance!!! (thanks so much to @theweekndlvr for always notifying me!) *** "Listen here," he roared, pushing me against the wall and placin...
  • arrangedmarriage
  • possessive
  • complicated
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Kidnapped by CelenaBeran
Kidnappedby Celena Beran
Robyn is a 17 year old girl who depends on others to guide her in life, one day her friends decide to pull a prank on her to show her she needs to take control of her ow...
  • thriller
  • action
  • lessons
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"Sweet" Dreams by writingtothemoon
"Sweet" Dreamsby Moon Writings
A dream I genuinely had that represents the fight between your rational, real thoughts and the blurry, scary, negative, unhealthy thoughts
  • depression
  • gone
  • dreams
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My Quirky Life - A Midnight Beast story by RumbleroarsArmy
My Quirky Life - A Midnight Beast...by RumbleroarsArmy
Piper Flynn lives with her 5 friends in London. Ashley Horne, Lydia Smith, Dru Wakely, Louise Hunniford and Stefan Abingdon are the only people she can trust. As living...
  • hopper
  • thief
  • pipper
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Panic Attacks by BeautifulDisaster71
Panic Attacksby BeautifulDisaster71
what a panic attack feels like
  • help
  • lonely
  • helpless
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The Alpha wants me (completed) by SarahlovesNiallH
The Alpha wants me (completed)by Sarah
A world where humans despise werewolves not because they know them personally but because their fear of them. Stella Morgan is just a regular 20 year old woman working h...
  • matebond
  • romance
  • alpha
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My She Wolf by Slushie260
My She Wolfby Slushie260
Book 1 She was hidden. Completely lost in a world where she wasn't important. I had to fix that. She will see. I need her. She's mine. My mate. My she wolf. (Short, swee...
  • beautiful
  • love
  • abused
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How To Love | Daniel Seavey AU by sweetdr3am
How To Love | Daniel Seavey AUby 🐝
❝don't fall in love it never ends well❞ ➳ a daughter of a failed marriage, witness to ruined relationship was given the wrong idea of what love is-in he...
  • boyfriend
  • romance
  • drama
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The Alpha's Scarred Mate  by juiceboxbrat159
The Alpha's Scarred Mate by The Kidd
#2 in Literary #320 in Werewolf Nominated- Best Werewolf and Overall Story #literaryawards2017 "Now you listen here ALPHA!" I hissed. "First thing you ne...
  • mate
  • complete
  • rich
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