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Touhou in Real Life (Male Reader x Touhou) by Finniecatsvm
Touhou in Real Life (Male Reader trash
What will happen to our Reader-chan as a mysterious woman/man finds their way into his home? Will he find love or...idk these summaries suck... ;v; Yes I own the Fanfict...
  • alice
  • flandre
  • romance
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Tell Me That You Love Me by Sellybelly411
Tell Me That You Love Meby Olivia
"And if we're putting all our cards on the table, you should know K.C. loves you." My brother Ernie announced. 99.9% of the time K.C. knew better than Ernie di...
  • marisa
  • kcundercover
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The Lone Shrine Maiden's Wish by Cutie-sama
The Lone Shrine Maiden's Wishby Cutie
Reimu Hakurei, a human in a strange world full of extremely powerful humanoid creatures named Youkai, finds herself alone at the shrine of Hakurei, the very place Reimu...
  • yukari
  • marisa
  • touhou
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touhou/len'en art by tsuuuwu
touhou/len'en artby call me tsuu
this book contains mainly drawings of touhou, but ive been drawing a lot of len'en lately so i decided to put both together ✨ criticism is appreciated loves 💞 - lydia
  • youkai
  • shion
  • lenenproject
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Touhou projects Character  by Lilly_Bluestone
Touhou projects Character by Mr. Whatever
Book about characters in the Touhou Project.
  • reimu
  • marisa
  • character
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Meeting The Boys by Madisonraap
Meeting The Boysby ice_cream_sandwich
It's about a girl named Madison and shes just going to college. Her older sister, Marisa is a sophomore in college. They meet these hot ass boys who happen to be brother...
  • tyler
  • teenfiction
  • romantic
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Touhou Project Romance Stories by Kayto2538
Touhou Project Romance Storiesby Kayto2538
This is another story I've been wanting to do for a while. This will be about a series of guys who somehow get transported to Gensokyo. Also these will not be one shots...
  • love
  • touhou
  • harem
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El Amigo De Flandre by Lapislazuli1234MSA
El Amigo De Flandreby Sergio Armando Martinez Gutie...
Sergio es un humano proveniente del mundo humano, que cayo al mundo de Gensokyo, desde entonces su vida era mas tranquila, ayuda en la villa humana, pero no senti mas qu...
  • barrerahakurei
  • reimu
  • youkai
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Touhou - Marisa and Alice's love story by kumibleb
Touhou - Marisa and Alice's love kumibleb
a fanfiction, about Alice loved Marisa, Marisa loved Alice. MariAli stories, yuri included (WARNING : another shippings maybe be added, and there will be some smut if I...
  • marisa
  • alice
  • kirisame
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In Love With A Spy by Normila_Rising
In Love With A Spyby Normila is still #1
K.C and Marisa are dating but can Marisa handle dating K.C Cooper whos a top secret agent spy? Ok this summary sucks but bare with me the book isn't that bad. And ex...
  • zendaya
  • disney
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Touhou Project Fanfictions/Crossovers by TedrickHernandez
Touhou Project Fanfictions/ Tedrick Hernandez
A vibrant collection of Touhou Project/Project Shrine Maiden fanfictions/crossovers all written by Tedrick Hernandez. Spanning from all of the characters in Gensokyo to...
  • flandre
  • gensokyo
  • fan
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Marisa Kirisame x Male Reader Lemon by BB_Moon_Cancer
Marisa Kirisame x Male Reader Lemonby Moon Cancer
Based on a True Story (Not Really)
  • kirisame
  • marisa
  • touhou
A Day In Gensokyo by FujiwaraNoMokou178
A Day In Gensokyoby Small_Moomin32
#9 in "Reimu" Many things happen in Gensokyo. Good things, bad things, weird things, and exciting things too! Reimu, Alice, Yuuka, Flandre, Tenshi, Shinmyomaru...
  • flandre
  • reimu
  • ellen
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Undercover Love by Chonivibez
Undercover Loveby Norminah_squad
KC and Marisa have been Bestfriends since kindergarten. What happens when Marisa let's herself fall for KC. Will it change things for the worst or will it be the start t...
  • lesbian
  • marisa
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Broken - An Only The Young story by onlytheglee
Broken - An Only The Young storyby Ali
When OTY split up everyone was devastated, but was that the best thing for them? Three stayed best friends, two fell in love, one regretted everything. Can they work th...
  • parisatarjomani
  • onlytheyoung
  • charliegeorge
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Playmate ♧ MariFlan/Flanrisa ♧ ♤ Yandere!Flan x Marisa ♤ Oneshot by -wristcutter
Playmate ♧ MariFlan/Flanrisa ♧ ♤ Ciel
Flandre is a lonely glass child, sitting in a celler and wait for someone to let her out. All her toys got broken. All her plushes exploded. All her friends left her. Bu...
  • flanrisa
  • marisa
  • flandrescarlet
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Maid In Manhattan by zoe_garcia23
Maid In Manhattanby zoe_garcia23
Marisa Ventura is a struggling mom who works at a posh Manhattan hotel and dreams of a better life for her son and herself. One fateful day, hotel guest Christopher Mars...
  • manhattan
  • marisa
  • chris
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A Certain Land of Illusions by Dragon_master870
A Certain Land of Illusionsby Ty
Kamijou Touma has been whisked away to an unfamiliar land, apart from Index, Misaka, and Othinus. He tries to get a grasp and live his life there, but his misfortune wil...
  • marisa
  • yukari
  • crossover
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Ivy - {Karisa} by lethalmaree
Ivy - {Karisa}by Em.
"I thought that I was dreaming when you said you loved me." --- k.c. and marisa have gone their own ways...
  • lesbian
  • dunne
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Afraid of my mate by lpsforever4678
Afraid of my mateby lpsforever4678
Hey guys first ever wolf story hope u guys will like it
  • mia
  • zander
  • alissa
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