And We Meet Again by RidingLife
And We Meet Againby Richa
"I... I'm scared of falling..." she whispered, looking into my eyes. It was like she wanted to say something more but stopped herself. "I won't let you fa...
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4 In One (Blackpink And BTS Fanfic) by Sweet_dreamer75
4 In One (Blackpink And BTS Fanfic)by Nathalee Gaylawan
4 girls in 1 world. 4 boys in 1 world. The four will experience alot of drama. A lot of hurdles. How can they get through all of it? How can they escape the dreadless li...
  • theymetagain
  • blackpink
  • teen
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Starting Without Him by baehelpme
Starting Without Himby baehelpme
(Book one) Lilly is a middle class woman, that is until she marries Max Hart, a billionaire. She was truly in love with him and she thought he shared the same feelings t...
  • billionaire
  • dad
  • again
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Book 1: Don't Leave me Again! by 10Soccer_Girl10
Book 1: Don't Leave me Again!by Hollie Aarons
"Don't leave me again" Naomi Uchiha, The Uchiha clan princess, The little sister of Itachi and Sasuke Uchiha, The sole female surviver of the Uchiha Massacre...
  • uchiha
  • naruto
  • kurai
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Starting Again VernonxReader by JiKookTrash_
Starting Again VernonxReaderby JiKookTrash_
9 years ago my best friend left... He told me to wait but I thought I would never see him again. But I did. Was this destiny?
  • vernonxreader
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  • kpop
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Don't Forget by ohsnapitskimchi
Don't Forgetby ♥︎
(Unedited) Do you believe in second chances? If so, then Jake and the gang never thought that ever in a million chance will they come face to face with Christina once m...
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Got RelationSHIPed? "Aarmau FanFic" by Guyzers
Got RelationSHIPed? "Aarmau FanFic"by ThatGuyzAtWattpad
#939 in FanFiction! WARNING! SO RUSTY WRITING THAT GRAMMAR, SPELLINGS AND STORYLINES ARE OUT OF PLACE! This is for 15 Ages plus only... Too much smoochie for an 11 year...
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❣ Until We Meet Again ❣ by MansiSolanki2714
❣ Until We Meet Again ❣by Mansi
She left two years back saying to him "Until We Meet Again"; and that was the day he saw her last. His archenemy as much as he didn't want to admit he missed h...
  • leyouth
  • shortstory
  • highschool
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~HE WAS MY FIRST CRUSH~ by Onichan85477
Mc thought that she will never hear that name again, Mark Tuan, BUT, she finally have the chance to hear his name once again when he had come back he came back to her sc...
  • again
  • lovestory
  • romance
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Falling Again [Larry Stylinson] by crazy_mofo1993
Falling Again [Larry Stylinson]by crazy_mofo1993
When Harry wakes up in hospital, he's with four boys he's never seen in his life. The doctors tell him he's got amnesia, and one of the boys, Louis, seems more affected...
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The Boss' Babies by alegnaelle
The Boss' Babiesby Angela xoxo
They had a one week, whirlwind affair. After that beautiful, passionate week, he left her for another woman only with a whispered goodbye. They meet again after 7 years...
  • billionaire
  • again
  • romance
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Don't Leave Me Again (NaLu) by Minako222
Don't Leave Me Again (NaLu)by Senpai_XD
"Hey Luce, we're going on a job" "Okay, let's take this one" Back then, we didn't know what we were getting ourselves into. "LUCY!!!" &qu...
  • tail
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At My Side Again (A "The Outsiders" Fanfiction) by Fanfics4Turtles
At My Side Again (A "The Faith
-Sequel to "At My Side"- -:A "The Outsiders" Fanfiction:- Nine years after Dally's death, Cocoa is still facing fears since that night: fireworks, t...
  • cocoa
  • fanfic
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Never Again: Sequel to The Different One (Naruto Fanfiction) by nochangenecessary
Never Again: Sequel to The nochangenecessary
Sequel to The Different One. I recommend you read that one first. Hibiki Tsukino has left the Leaf Village after saving the criminal Itachi Uchiha from his brother, Sas...
  • neveragain
  • again
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Their back! [book two](JackXMarkXFelixXReader) by keewhite12
Their back! [book two]( JuggleThosePuggles
This is book two of the "high school teachers" so don't read unless you have read the first book... Guess who's back for revenge! They are in a great and horri...
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Time Brought Love Again [boyxboy] [book 3] by KenjiShinoda
Time Brought Love Again [boyxboy] Kenji Shinoda ( MinKen )
Season 3 of Time Brought Love Sequel to Mates and Mated (Book 2) ~*~*~*~ Cinta datang ke tepi jalan, di akhir tahun dimana Aiden dan Daniel akan segera lulus dan mening...
  • life
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Water Princess- A Blue Exorcist Fanfiction by ssyp20
Water Princess- A Blue Exorcist Sylvia
Kasumi Tomogatchi was born a demon. She was abandoned at an orphanage and treated like a monster. After a tragic event the head mistress calls for exorcists...
  • love
  • blue
  • flames
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Love Again II (Jacob Latimore Sequel) by gvldenjewel
Love Again II (Jacob Latimore Johnńea Ellisha ✨
Morgan and Jacob have faced numerous trials throughout their relationship. But the story continues with the two as they are happily living their lives together. But can...
  • love
  • loganbrowning
  • heartbreak
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17 Again (a Brantley Gilbert fan fiction) ON HOLD by katieshae15
17 Again (a Brantley Gilbert fan Katie Shae Wright
Meet Harper Avery Webb! She is currently 27 years old living in Athens, Georgia. She is a pediatric/ neonatal nurse that sometimes travels for work. She is ready to sett...
  • brantleygilbert
  • georgia
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Don't Worry, Your Just The Lost Princess! (Hold) by SecretlyNinja
Don't Worry, Your Just The Lost kassidy
Violet is nothing but an orphan but it seems the royal family isn't convinced. In fact, the royal family believes that Violet is one of the royal triplets. Follow Violet...
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