Tutoring Mr. Bad Boy

Tutoring Mr. Bad Boy

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Meet Khalan Michaels, the seventeen year old straight A, reserved girl who loves music.

Shawn Mitchell, the school's bad boy who loves to skip classes and doesn't give a damn about anything.

What happens when she's practically forced to tutor the guy she can't stand? Will they set aside their differences and make things work? Maybe they'll both find out people are not always what they seem.


"And I know you've got a fire," he added .

"Fire?" I asked, an eyebrow raised.

"Yeah, fire. You play it safe Michaels. Everybody's good girl. But I know you're more than that. You've got a wild side Princess, and I'm gonna bring it out," he finished.

"And how exactly are you going to do that?" I asked.

He smirked. "Just wait."

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Unicornlover2024 Unicornlover2024 Jul 26, 2017
WAIT! Why has no one said 'officially a Wattpad book' yet? I don't understand so I'm going to say it. Officially a Wattpad book
Unicornlover2024 Unicornlover2024 Jul 26, 2017
Once my dog did actually eat my homework and my teachers believed me because they had heard stories about other things he did
Is it weird  that I think they originals when she says they Michaels
People say the same thing about my brothers and I'm like no boo boo
CalliWest CalliWest Jul 28, 2017
Ugh her name is pronounced the same way mine I except I spell mine Callyn, so it bugs me every time I read her name. 🙄
                              Okay my mini rant is over 😀
diyulous diyulous Feb 16
My favourite Spanish football team is Barca but my favourite Spanish player is Ronaldo.