Chapter 54 (1/2): You Got This

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54. You Got This

My friends didn't believe it either when I told them about Renée. I offered her a smile and said hi when I passed her and they thought I had gone insane. She didn't say it back, but the corner of her lips curled into a small smile. And they found it even harder to believe when I told them I set her up with Zeke.

"I hope that's okay," I told Jessica. We were walking to our Chemistry class. "I know you guys dated and all...I just don't want anything to be weird.

"No it's fine," she replied. "A little odd that it's Renée, I still don't like her but if you think she's okay then fine. I still feel bad about the break up and I really want him to be happy."

I smiled. "I'm glad you do. You don't have to like her, heck I'm still figuring her out, but I think we should give her a chance."

She just shrugged.

Then Liam came panting down the hallway. "Khalan!"

I frowned. "Is something wrong?"


"He what?" I asked, suddenly getting a bit scared.

"Just come, please," he begged. "He's not listening to anyone else."

I followed him and we rushed down the hallways, passing through corners. I stopped at the sight. Shawn was beating up Matt. And I mean beating. Blood was gushing down his nose and his face was covered in bruises that were already turning purple.
Jacob and Austin were holding him back with Shayley trying to get through to him. The other students were just gathered around, some not daring to step in despite their pity, and others taking videos and pictures like the teenagers they were. If Shawn didn't stop, he was going to give Matt a concussion, and probably put him in the hospital.

"Shawn!" I yelled, trying to stop him. "Shawn please stop!"

He just ignored me. His blue eyes weren't so kind anymore. They were filled with...anger. An anger I had never seen erupt from him before. This wasn't the Shawn I knew. This wasn't my Shawn...

"Shawn if you don't stop you'll kill him!" I screamed, grabbing hold of his arm.

He suddenly became aware of what he was doing and looked at me. The anger dissolved from his eyes and all that remained was pain. He looked at his trembling, bloody knuckles and without a word he took to his heel, speeding away from the crowd as fast as he could to God knows where.

"Where the hell is he going?" I asked.

"I don't know," Jacob answered. "I'm going after him, you should come."

"I've got class," I told him.

He shrugged. "We've all got class."


"I've got class," I repeated, interrupting Jessica. "He'll probably be back."

She sighed and nodded.

"I'll see you guys later then," Jacob told us.

He called for Liam and they left.

"Why didn't you just go?" Jess asked me. "You heard Liam, he's not going to listen to anyone else."

Honestly...I don't know.


Maybe choosing to go to Chem wasn't the best idea. We didn't do any experiments and I could barely concentrate on what was going on. Before I realized time was up and I had practically missed the whole lesson. I'm just lucky I'm a good student.

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