Chapter 52: The Devil Himself

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52. The Devil Himself

"Khalan," Jessica gasped.

Shawn abruptly looked to his side and was clearly surprised to see me, given the look of terror that flashed for a second in his eyes.

"Please go," I politely told my friends. "I'll handle this."

They left my side after promising they'll be waiting for me outside.


"Don't!" I silenced him and turned to a smirking Denise. "You. You intentionally did all this didn't you? You sent your minion prowling around to seduce Kyle and kiss him didn't you? You sent that text telling me to go to that room! You somehow sent this one too didn't you?"

"Well in Lilie's defense Kyle didn't exactly play hard to get," she smirked. "Seems like he was bored of you and your games."

I shook my head in disbelief. "Why?"

"Austin honey," she answered, venom practically lacing her tone. "I don't like being tossed aside. I was going to go for his girlfriend but I know hurting you will break him just as much."

What the hell? She made my boyfriend cheat on me, then kiss Shawn just to spite Austin because he left her?

"You sick, deluded psycopath!" I spat, charging at her.

"Michaels no," Shawn held me back.

"What the hell?!" I asked him. "You're defending her now?!"

"I'm not," he told me. "Fighting just isn't a good idea."

"You should listen to him honey," she sneered interrupting us.

"You stay out of this you bitch!" I yelled. "And why don't you go to hell while you're at it!"

"Leave Denise," Shawn told her.


"Fuck off!" he yelled.

She rolled her eyes and strutted away. Stupid, selfish, twisted bitch. I was more angry than sad. The hurt just turned into this anger I had to let out.

"Let me explain," he began.

"Don't fucking say a word to me," I told him and began walking away.

"Michaels!" he called. "Michaels wait!"

I ignored him.


My feet somehow stopped moving. Shawn barely called me that. I don't know if it was how he yelled it but I just came to a halt.

He caught up with me. "You have to hear me out."

I turned. "Why? You know what, I don't think I even want to know."

"She kissed me!" he defended. "She came on to me, I barely even knew what was happening."

I looked him in the eye. "Did you pull away?"


"The kiss Shawn," I said. "Did you pull away?"

He hesitated.

I shook my head. "Would you have even told me if I hadn't caught you?"

Still no answer.

"Yeah, I thought so."

"I wasn't implying that," he said.

"I found my answer in your hesitation," I told him as I felt the tears that were threatening to fall down my cheeks.

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