Chapter 10: Can I Slam The Door In Your Face?

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10. Can I Slam The Door In Your Face?

"I don't get why we have to learn about some cold war? Why go through all that trouble if you aren't even going to fight?" Shawn asked. I was currently tutoring him in History, which he proved to be his worst subject.

"Focus Shawn!" I said and smacked him on the back of his head.

"Ow, you've got quite an arm Michaels," he said, his accent ringing in my ears.

I started to read from the textbook.

"Boring," he groaned cutting me off and threw his head back

"Shawn how are you going to learn if you don't pay attention?"

"Ugh, names, dates, it's all too much Michaels," he said.

"History is not that bad," I said.

"I beg to differ," he said and started playing with his phone. I yanked it out of his hands.

"Michaels, Michaels. If you want pictures of me just say so. Besides you have the real deal sitting right here," he said smirking.

"Okay first of all, no, I don't want your pictures. And I'm trying to get you to learn," I said. "Okay listen, we're going to the history museum next week or something. When we're done I want a report on any part of America's history."

"Since when did you start giving me homework?" he asked taking his phone back.

"Since I realized the kind of help you need," I responded.

I sighed. "Okay you know what, why don't we end for the day?"

"My, my, Michaels," he said jokingly with a shocked expression. "I must have an effect on you if you're letting me off early."

I rolled my eyes. "Keep reading Shawn," I said before walking away.

I exited the library and made my way to the parking lot and got into Austin's car.

"Thanks for waiting," I said.

"No problem," he said. His phone beeped and he looked at it and sighed.

"Who is that?" I asked.

"Jess...and Denise," he answered. Jessica texting him seemed normal to me so I guess that sigh was about Denise.

"Denise huh? Seems she's taken an interest in you," I said and chuckled as he turned on the ignition.

He ran his fingers through his messy blonde hair. "Renée's one problem, I don't think I can deal with her too."

"Just don't get caught in her evil little web," I warned.

"Hey she's not that bad," he said. I gave him a look but he just kept on driving.

"Oh my parents are here already," I said as we got to his house. We were having dinner with Austin's family.

We made our way to his porch and he unlocked the door.

"Took you guys long enough," Emily said as we walked in. "Here," she added handing me a bag. "Thought you might wanna change into something else.

"Thanks," I said taking it.

"Well you look nice," Austin said to her. She was in a simple dark blue dress and black flats.

Emily just smiled and I shook my head as I made my way towards Austin's room. I always suspected she had this tiny crush on him but I never asked. I quickly slipped out of the jeans and top I was wearing and put on the purple dress Emily brought. I was glad she knew the type of clothes I liked. I pulled my hair into a tight ponytail looking at myself in the mirror. I wonder why our parents made us dress up for these dinners. Austin and his parents were basically family to us, meaning they had seen us look our worst. Austin came in and threw on a new shirt as I made my way downstairs to the dining area.

"Need any help?" I asked Janet, Austin's mom.

"You can help Em with the plates in the kitchen," she said.


"Thanks sweetie," she called after me as I entered the kitchen.

Em sighed and diverted her attention to her phone. "Who's that?" I asked curiously.

She just shrugged. "No one."

I rose an eyebrow. "Emily Michaels is there a guy I don't know about?" I asked dramatically.

"Or a guy I need to do some talking to?" Austin added walking in.

She laughed nervously. "No, no there is no guy."

I just nodded smiling. Then I heard the doorbell ring.

"I'll get it," I said as I walked towards the front door.

"Oh hell no," I said in shock when I opened it. Shawn was standing right there.

"What's wrong Michaels not happy to see me?" he said smirking. "You look nice," he added.

I threw my head back and groaned. "What are you doing here?"

"Now is that how to treat a visitor?" he asked smugly.

"Can I slam the door in your face?" I asked.

"Relax Princess I'm not here to intrude on your little dinner, though I totally would given that aroma filling the air," he said. "You left this. I went to your house but no one was home so I texted Austin who said you were here," he added handing me two notebooks.

"Thank you," I said. I was thankful because one of them contained a Biology report I planned to finish this evening. But before I could tell him to leave my mom came to the door.

"Oh, hello. Khalan is this your friend?" she asked.

"Yup," I quickly replied. "And he was just leaving."

"Oh come on Khalan," she said pushing me out of the way and leading him inside by the wrist.

"Yeah Khalan, come on," he said smirking.

"I'm Theresa, her mother," my mom said.

"Mother? Well Khalan if she's your mother then where's that sister you mentioned?" Shawn asked.

"Oh you are too kind," my mom said laughing.


"Shawn Mitchell," he introduced.

"Oh you're the one she's been tutoring."

"So she's mentioned me," he said looking at me as he shook her hand. I went red but nothing like a good eye roll to cover it up right?

"You're more than welcome to join us for dinner," my mom said ushering him into the dining area. "I'm sure Jane and Pete won't mind," she added.

I shook my head in disbelief. She was right though, they didn't mind. Soon all of them were in deep conversation while I just sat there trying to process how my night was going.

"So, any plans for college?" my dad asked him.

"Well I haven't really chosen anything. I'm still looking," he answered.

We finished eating and I offered to help do the dishes. Kyle sent me a text and I looked at my phone to read it.

"He must be doing something right if he's got you smiling like that," Shawn's voice came. I put down my phone and looked at him.

"What?" I asked.

He shook his head and chuckled. "Your family's nice," he said.

"Um...thanks?" I said back.

"I'm heading home. See you tomorrow Michaels," he said and began walking away. "Oh, and say hi to pretty boy for me."

He turned and winked. I sighed and finished doing the dishes with the help of Austin. My mom said ut was time to go a few minutes after. I yawned as I took off my clothes in my bathroom when I got home. I took a long shower and sat down to finish my report.

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