Bonus Chapter: Chapters 4 & 5

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Shawn's POV

"Where are you going?" Jacob asked me. "We're supposed to meet Romero."

"Stupid tutoring thing that nosey guidance counselor's  forcing me to do," I muttered.

"The one with that cute girl you like?" Liam teased.

I rolled my eyes. "Shut up mate."

So I saw her around and thought she was pretty, big deal. That was a while ago. I bet she was some stuck up know-it-all or something now.

"Have fun!" he yelled after me.

I ignored him and made my way to the library. After looking around a bit I concluded that she wasn't here and sat down at one of the tables. I got bored so I plugged in my headphones and began listening to music. A few minutes later I felt someone tap me.


I looked up at her brown eyes. She looked so innocent. "Hey."

She sat down and pulled out her books. "Thanks for being on on time," she said.

I shrugged. "Just do what you gotta do Michaels, then we can both be out of here."

Michaels, I'll keep that.

"The sooner we start the sooner we get out."

The look she gave me showed she was probably annoyed, but whatever, I was used to pissing people off.

Oh look, Math. I groan inwardly when she gets her book.

"Got it?" she asked after a while.

"If I say yes would you let me go?" I mused.

"Focus Shawn."

This was going to be a long lesson.


This girl doesn't give up does she? I've annoyed her so much yet she's still sitting here. She's interesting though...and very patient. From the past few days I think I've figured her out a bit. She seems like the kind of person who needs a little fun in her life.

"Okay so you...Shawn?" she stopped and asked.

I realized I wasn't paying attention to a word she was saying.

"Okay I've had enough," she began, clearly fed up. "Look, it's very clear we both don't want to be here. I'm not excited about spending two afternoons with you for two hours every week, but I was given a task here and when I'm given something I finish it. So you can stop trying to make it harder for both of us, or cooperate and actually learn something."

Wow. I continued to stare at her nevertheless.

She sighed. "What now?"

"You're cute when you're frustrated," I smirked.

"I'm also not one of those girls who fall for you after the first compliment," she snapped, playing with the tip of her hair.

Normally this works on girls. I'd go out with them once and they'd let me off. But she, she didn't fall for my usual charm, but I could see her blush, so a few points there.

"I"m sorry," I suddenly said.

"What?" she asked.

I said it once and she want's me to repeat it?

"Don't make me say it again, an apology from me is quite a privilege," I chuckled.

She rolled her eyes. "Whatever."

"How about we go get some ice cream?" I asked, trying to get her off her game.

She looked at me. "Excuse me?"

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