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A black rose in the desert by amyhunnam
A black rose in the desertby Fatima Ahmed
Some people find true love easy, some people battle endlessly to find it, some give up, and some never do at all. Being Black and Nigerian in an Arab country wasn't so...
LOVE AFTER MARRIAGE ✔ by glowyytears
LOVE AFTER MARRIAGE ✔by glowyytears
MALHOTRA SERIES #BOOK 1 Anika Ahuja has everything but Family's love , support and a love intrest. Working at Malhotra Industries as the Head of the Architect and Interi...
A Series of Mondays (girlxgirl / wlw) by blackandwhiteshadows
A Series of Mondays (girlxgirl / b&ws
It's their last year of high school. Helen is convinced that her year will be perfect with her perfect grades, her perfect boyfriend, and the perfect plan for her futur...
❤Yearning for Love❤ (Completed✔ ) by pratimamahajan
❤Yearning for Love❤ (Completed✔ )by pratimamahajan
A girl who is betrayed by her so called friends and family. The people whom she trusted in her life became her worst nightmares. She didn't know when the people whom sh...
Dealing with Unluckiness (Completed) by Persikokhan
Dealing with Unluckiness ( Persiko Khan
What would you do when you are constantly blamed of horrible things that are happening around you and you are innocent but it appears like you are indirectly responsible...
Until i found you by sassybuns_
Until i found youby Ghel🌷
Georgia Aries Lavesra is a girl that have genuine heart,She grew up with love from her family and friends dahil sa pambihira netong kabaitan ay Mahal na Mahal sya ng bu...
A RAINBOW IN A DROUGHTby Lyza H. Antolijao
He's not handsome, he's ugly. Poverty-stricken, downgraded and disparaged pero kaya niyang gawing empyerno ang buhay ni Calieste Amelé Fuego.
Default Title - I Hope So by LanaCayer23
Default Title - I Hope Soby LanaCayer23
A girl who have a big dreams in life, a girl who thinks she needs to try everything to get what she wants, until she met this guy who gets everything he wants without sw...
Love over Wins by -h0lybeams
Love over Winsby 𝓪𝓷𝓰𝓮𝓵.𝓪𝓭𝓭𝓲𝓮💌
.Passion in her eyes Versatility in his veins Will those temptations win over those selfish games? . Aadya, a 17 yr. old teenager joins football coaching.. And meets '...
Unexpecting You (#1 Highschool Series) by urtrinamylovess
Unexpecting You (#1 Highschool urtrimamylovess
the story about of woman doesn't love a boy that must prefer a woman to be with,what happens if a men gonna like him but after know the girl flaws what the boy gonna do...
Echoes of Our Hearts by AlenaDaniel
Echoes of Our Heartsby AlenaDaniel
"I love you, Amrita!" Advait exclaimed loudly. "Advait, shhhh! Everyone's sleeping," Amrita whisper-yelled. "Then admit it!" Advait urged...
SIENNA & LEWIS by OriginalSamoyaaa
SIENNA & LEWISby SamoyaaaOriginal
- A Samoyaaa Original - ***Plagiarizing is strongly disallowed***
One Kiss Less by youd4ntkn0wme
One Kiss Lessby ms.mysterious
Asena throws herself into the working world in London, after being adopted by Aliya, who is not too old herself. Growing up, Asena has always been in love with drawing a...
MELAMINA THE QUEEN  by enhlesa101
MELAMINA THE QUEEN by Minenhle Nkosi
Her life has never been more busy. On the verge of a global business expansion and raising eight royal kids, Futhi is hit with the surprise of a life when she discovers...
DON'S WIFE (T.K) by CASH__07
Getting married to the man he knew nothing about and settling down was the last thing on Don jungkook's mind. He would rather spent his life running his empire and havin...
[ Architecture of a Heart ] - WooSan by Nej_Illjuna
[ Architecture of a Heart ] - Nej Illjuna
Wooyoung wasn't thrilled to learn that the empty apartment next to his was no longer going to be vacant. He liked his silent nights that often stretched until morning, s...
Just let me love you.. again by reemsie
Just let me love you.. againby Imrana saeed
Reem and Izhaan Ayesha and Athar Two beautiful love stories.. IMPORTANT NOTE- This book has Muslim characters, but it is not an accurate representation of "Islam...
Blossomed in Love (ManXboy) by ShadowQueen45
Blossomed in Love (ManXboy)by I❤️Pizza
Marco Flores has been in love with his older brother's best friend ever since he could define what his strong feelings for this guy was. With an 8 years difference betw...
trying to make they remember | Marvel by maeexmulti
trying to make they remember | maee
Ava Garcia, 17, meets her neighbor Peter Parker when he trips over her, causing her to pass out on the stairs of their building, after a tiring day at MIT. They become f...