Bad Girl Good Boy

Bad Girl Good Boy

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We've all read stories about the bad boy and the good girl. But what about the bad girl? 

 Allison Marie Moore goes be Ali. She is a 17 year old girl. She was adopted when she was 7. She doesn't like anyone she has really bad trust issues. She smokes, drinks and parties. She doesn't even care what happens to her.

Derek Lee Adams is the school nerd straight A's perfect school attendance pretty much a perfect person. But of course he's bullied by the school jocks and even most of the cheerleaders pick on him.

One day Ali sees Derek being bullied and steps in they get close. Can Ali learn to trust?

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TWDLOVER27 TWDLOVER27 Nov 19, 2017
Still, how do you not love them after everything they’ve done to you since 7
Milli18JJ04 Milli18JJ04 Dec 17, 2017
Its a good story. Having trust issues and everything you would kinda block yourself off from loving people and having that emotional attachment just in case they leave too
whatnormality whatnormality Oct 18, 2015
ha, love is a strong word. this is pretty cool. I like the idea xx
-Voiddimples -Voiddimples Sep 28, 2015
If it's to strong say smurf, it's say love but not meaning it