Chapter 53: It's Engraved On Your Heart Of Stone

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53. It's Engraved On Your Heart Of Stone

I didn't get it. Was there something so wrong with me that the guys I had feelings for had to hurt me one way or the other? Or were boys just assholes in general?

"Hey," Austin's voice came from behind my bedroom door as he knocked. "Can I come in?"

I sighed. "Come in."

I sat up on my bed and he came closer and sat on the edge.

"Jess told me what happened," he began. "I came to see if you were...better."

"I honestly don't even know," I admitted. "Shawn he-"

"He made a mistake Khalan."

I stared at him then got up, pacing around my room to drown my anger and sadness.

"Don't tell me you're defending him too."

"I'm not," he said. "But we both know how Denise is. It sucks that I took this long to see it. She hurt you to get to me and that guilt will always be there."

"Don't blame yourself," I told him. I was crying again now. "I made the mistake for falling for Shawn."

He stood up. "You didn't make a mistake Khalan, Denise is just a horrible person. She used those feelings against you."

"Twice!" I let out a sour laugh. "I let myself fall twice. What is it with me? Everyone I like is just going to leave like that? After hurting me?"

This was one of the times I was so grateful for Austin's calming hugs.

"I'm here," he told me. "And don't worry, everything's going to work out."

"I love you," I said to my best friend.

He let ms go and smiled. "Of course you do. I'm Austin."

I rolled my eyes and swatted his arm, before breaking out into a grin as he laughed.


I stayed behind after school while Austin had practice. Jessica was seated in the bleachers but I sat by myself in a classroom to at least get some of my homework done. There was no way I was going near Kyle after all what had happened. I avoided Shawn too, though he tried to speak to me. I was actually very relieved that I didn't have to tutor him anymore.

I looked up from the Math I was solving when I heard a 'thud' near me. Renée. Looks like I wasn't alone. She had left me alone since she gave up her quest for Austin. He was the reason she disliked me anyway. I sat in awkward silence debating whether to help her pick up her books or not. I eventually gave into my good nature and got up to help.

"I got it," she stated.


I quietly returned to my seat and stared at my books. My mind was far away.

"Is something wrong with you?" I heard her ask after a few minutes.


"You've been staring at that book for like ten minutes without writing," she bluntly pointed out. "What's up with that?"

"And you suddenly care because?" I asked.

"Oh I don't," she answered. "I just live for gossip."

Sensing the sarcasm in her voice I rolled my eyes.

"I'll probably regret this," she muttered. "But seriously, you look like you're about to glare that book into non-existence. I'm not your friend or anything but I don't exactly dislike you the way I used to either."

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