Chapter 40: I'm Always Going To Need You

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40. I'm Always Going To Need You

Monday came around, and I can't say I wasn't nervous to see Shawn. The thought of me...kissing him...oh God. Something is wrong with me. Aside that I still have a boyfriend who hasn't spoken to me much. I just want to see how today goes. If he wants to end it well...that's his choice and I'll have to respect it though it will definitely be hard. I knew I still liked him though, despite everything else.

I stepped into the hallway and headed for my locker. My eyes met Shawn's he gave me a small smile. Shit, he's seen me. My plan was to avoid him for a bit till I didn't feel so awkward but I guess I was going to have to face him now.

"Hey," I said when I approached him.

"Hey Michaels," he responded calmly.

So...was I the only nervous one?

"So um...I had fun on Saturday," I spoke.

"Glad you did. And if you ever feel like putting your life on the line, you know who to call," he joked with a wink.

"Yes I do," I laughed nervously.

"Well I gotta go," he told me. "See you later?"

"Yeah uh...sure."

I was confused. He was so calm...almost...too calm.

"Shawn wait," I suddenly called.

He stopped. "Yeah?"

Say something.

"Uhh...nothing," I finally said. "I'll see you later."

"Right," he said slowly before walking away.

I sighed. I guess what happened on Saturday wasn't a big deal to Shawn. I bet that almost kiss hasn't even crossed his mind once. For some reason that stings a bit.

After I was done with Shawn I decided to look for the other person I had to talk to today. I found him leaning on his locker talking to one of his team mates.

"Kyle," I called.

He looked at me then turned back to his team mates. "I'll see you guys later."

He turned back to me and let out a heavy sigh. "Hey."

"Hey," I replied. "How was California?"

"Great," he replied, an awkward silence following.

"I know I should've-"
"Is everything a-"

"Sorry," he said. "You go first."

"Are we okay?" I asked. "You seemed so distant everytime we talked."

He ran his fingers through his hair. "I...had to sort somethings out."

"Like?" I questioned. "Anything to do with me?"

"You know what, forget it," he quickly replied. "I'm sorry for putting you through that."

I frowned for a second but decided to let it go. If he didn't want to say what it was I couldn't force it out of him.

"Okay, it's forgotten," I lied.

"How about we go out, just us," he proposed. "I have practice but we can go after."

I shrugged. "It's fine really but if you want to then okay."

"So are we good?" he asked.

I smiled and hugged him. "We're good."

This is what I needed to keep my mind of Shawn. Ever since my conversation with Charlie the thought of him hasn't disappeared. I have Kyle back now though, and hopefully everything will go back to normal.

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