Chapter 24: The Devil Does Wear Prada

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24. The Devil Does Wear Prada

"Khalan," Austin's voice came.

I groaned and buried my face deep into my pillow.

"Khalan!" he called a little louder shaking me.

"What?" I groaned. "Get out," I added pulling my sheet over my head.

He yanked it off me. "We're meeting the others at school. Camping remember?"

I sat up groggily, rubbing my eyes. "Oh...right."

"So get your lazy butt out of bed and go get dressed," he told me.

"Fine," I said getting out.

"I'll be downstairs. Your mom made breakfast," he added going out.

I took a quick shower and blow dried my hair. I put on a pair of khaki shorts paired with a long-sleeved camou shirt and brown boots. After putting my hair in a braid on one side I skipped downstairs to see Austin devouring a plate of pancakes.

"Save some for me," I teased.

"I wouldn't bet on that," he said, his mouth full of pancake.

"Neither will I," my dad said. "These are good."

I shook my head and smiled as my mom handed me a plate of my own.

"Here honey," she said kissing my cheek. She and dad left Austin and I in the kitchen when they were done.

"Ready to go?" I asked him when we were done.

"Yup. Oh and Khalan, one more thing," he started, scratching the back of his head.

I arched an eyebrow. "Yeah?"

"So...Denise may or may not be coming along."

I threw my head back. " tell me she is not," I groaned. A whole weekend putting up with her? God no.

"It's just a weekend Khalan, it'll be fine," he assured.

"Do the others know?" I asked.


"And they're all okay with it?"

"Well...Shay and Jess found it harder to take in but I guess they can put up with her," he answered.

I snorted. "Don't count on that."

"I'm sorry okay? We were talking and it kinda just slipped out," he said innocently.

I sighed. "I guess one weekend won't be so bad," I gave in. "Let's get going already."

After slipping the Canon camera mom got me for my last birthday around my neck and rolling the sleeves of my shirt up Austin and I made it to school, where the others stood by a van waiting for us.

"Guess we're all set," Jacob said when we approached the van. I smiled and gave Kyle a kiss.

"Let's just get this trip over with," Jessica said, the least excited about it.

I laughed. "It'll be better than you think," I told her.

"Not with her," she stated referring to Denise.

I chuckled. "I pity whoever has to share a tent with her."

She and Shayley gave me the same look Austin gave me when he told me she was tagging along.

"Oh no," I said in defeat. "Why me?"

"Well I was most definetly not going to and Jess didn't want to either. So we played fair and flipped a coin," Shayley explained with a humorous grin.

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