Chapter 12: Putting On This Shirt Is Optional

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12. Putting On This Shirt Is Optional

I groaned as I reached for my phone. Who on earth could be so important as to interrupt my wonderful Chris Evans dream. I should have put it on silent the night before. The caller ID said Shawn.

"Of course," I muttered in annoyance. A part of me wanted to ignore it and continue with my fantasy but I answered it anyways.

"What?" I snapped.

I was not a morning person.

"Well good morning to you too Sunshine," he said. I could feel him smirking on the other side of the phone. "Don't tell me you've forgotten about today."

"What?" I asked.

"Detention Princess."

I groaned again. I forgot today was Saturday. "Do we have to?" I whined.

He chuckled. "Huh, I'm actually forcing you to go to school. My, my how the tables have turned."

I rolled my eyes despite the fact that he couldn't see me.

"We'll be there to pick you up in thirty Michaels, so go get ready," he said.

Wait, we? I heard familiar voices on the phone.

"Shayley? She's with you?" I asked but he ignored my question.

"Just get ready," he said and hung up. I reluctantly got out of bed. I had thirty minutes to get ready. I quickly washed my face and brushed my teeth. I pulled out the first things I saw in my closet, a white blouse and faded blue denim shorts and threw them on. I put on a pair of black sneakers and let my hair down.

"Khay your friends are here!" Emily shouted from downstairs. I ran downstairs.

"You gonna be okay?" I asked her when I reached the door. My parents weren't home.

"Yeah, I'm going over to Pam's in a few hours," she said and I nodded. I stepped out of the house and saw Shawn leaning on the side of a grey van.

"I don't think this is how kidnapping works," I joked.

He laughed. "Just get in Michaels." I smiled and climbed in. I was surprised to see all my friends in it. I took a seat beside Shayley and Shawn got in and sat beside me.

"We good?" Jacob who was at the wheel said. Shawn gave him a thumbs up and we hit the road.

"Hey, who's van is this?" I shouted so Jacob could hear me.

"My uncle's," he said. "I borrow it from time to time."

We got to the school and met Principal Rivers in front of the cafeteria.

"Well here are your cleaning supplies," he said pointing to a pile beside him. "I hope you all learn a valuable lesson from this," he added and walked away.

"I hope you learn a valuable lesson from this," Liam mocked and we all laughed.

"But seriously, who wears a suit on a Saturday?" Austin asked.

"Can we just get this done so we can leave?" I said and they agreed. We put on the gloves Principal Rivers provided and got to work.

After a few minutes Jessica started to play music on her phone. "What?" she said. "Why not liven this up a bit?" She was right though, the music helped. Soon we broke out into dance moves while working. Halfway through 'Want To Want Me' by Jason Derulo I stumbled into Shawn while dancing and he knocked over a bucket of water.

"Really?" he said. "You're so going to help me clean this up."

"Sorry for that," I laughed. "But I'm not cleaning this up."

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