Chapter 32: You Actually Set Your Great Grandmother's Hair On Fire?

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32. You Actually Set Your Grandmother's Hair On Fire?

Austin's POV

I lay awake thinking about how my day went. It was just one stupid excuse to get Renée off my back but for some reason I couldn't stop thinking about her. Saying her name alone just made my heart do a thousand backflips. Jessica Alexandra Alvez. She was kind and sarcastic and difficult, but I loved all of that. I loved her curly brown hair and her beautiful hazel eyes. I got so jealous when she began dating Zeke that I thought being around Denise could get her attention.

Man was I wrong.

It did the exact opposite. It was my fault she dated him anyways. If I had just stayed away from Denise like Khalan said none of this would have happened. Khalan! I screwed it up with her too. I feel so horrible right now. I hated arguing, I hated not speaking to my best friend. This all goes back to one night, when a simple lie practically turned my life in a whole new direction.


I walked up to Jessica's porch and rang her doorbell. She opened the door.

" need something?" she asked.

I chuckled. "Well I figured since I used you as an excuse I might as well treat you to some dinner. You know, like a gentleman would do."

She raised an eyebrow at me.

"Okay fine," I admitted. "I got bored and I needed something to do. Plus my Aunt Carol came to visit. I swear if I hear the words 'You're such a big boy Austin' again or one of her boring stories about life on the ranch I swear I'm gonna rip my ears off."

She laughed. "No Khalan?"

I shrugged. "She's tutoring Shawn, I doubt she'll be up for any fun tonight."

She sighed. "Okay fine," she gave in. "Just let me get changed," she said and turned around to go back in but I caught her by the arm.

"You look fine Jess," I assured. "We're going to McDonalds, not dining with the queen," I added.

"At least let me get my phone," she said after rolling her eyes and proceeded back into her house.

She yelled something in Spanish to her mom.

"Bye!" she shouted as she closed the door behind her.

"Oh my God," I said laughing as she told me a story from one of her family trips back to Madrid.

"You actually set your great grandmother's hair on fire?" I asked wiping a tear off my cheek.

"Well actually my cousin did, and technically it was a wig. Plus it was kind of funny," she replied laughing.

"We had to pour a bucket of water on her head and hit her a few times with a blanket but it died," she continued referring to the fire.

"Was she hurt?" I asked.

Jessica shrugged. "Just a few first degree burns but it was nothing serious really."

"Do you miss Spain?" I asked after both our laughters died down.

She played with the straw in her soda. "Yeah."

"Well I hope you go back soon then," I told her.

We ate up and left, talking about whatever came up during the ride. Honestly, Jess was a lot of fun. I never really knew till now.

"You're welcome for the awesome evening," I joked as I walked her to her door.

She chuckled. "You know we should do this often. You're annoying a hundred percent of the time I didn't notice how great hanging out with you was."

I laughed. "I'll take that as a compliment."

"It was," she said.

We were so close now. And for the first time I noticed how beautiful her eyes were.

Shit Austin, what the hell have you gotten yourself into now? I couldn't help it. I should have probably pulled away but I couldn't, so I kissed her. And honestly, it made me feel like I was on top of the world. She kissed me back though, so I knew I didn't just make a huge mistake....or did I? For some reason she abruptly pulled away.

"What's wrong?" I asked her.

"N..nothing. It's just Austin I gotta go," she stammered and quickly entered her house.


I groaned. I knew I shouldn't have done that. I went back into my car and drove home, unable to get to sleep when I settled in my bed. I couldn't stop thinking about her. That kiss.

Yup, I'm in trouble.


And here I was once more, still unable to get her off my mind. I just wish I knew how to make it up to her. Because I screwed up...bad. I even felt bad about Denise. I was only using her to get over Jess, I see that now. And it didn't even work. After a mental debate I picked up my phone and called her.

"What the hell do you want?"

"Whoa," I said, a little surprised at the hostile greeting. Oh whatever, I deserved it.

I sighed. "Denise, listen."

"To what? Your sorry ass tell me why you left me?" she asked.

"I'm sorry, okay?" I began.

"Go on," she told me.

"I shouldn't have used you like that. You must be all kinds of hurt-"

"Try angry instead," she said cutting me off.

Note to self. Denise may or may not burn down your house.

"My point is," I continued. "I led you on to something that was going nowhere, and I'm sorry."

"Great," she said, but I could sense all kinds of sarcasm in her tone. Not to mention the heated eyerolls I was probably receiving through the phone.

"Just a tip though," she added. "Next time, figure out your feelings before you get yourself caught in between two people." Those were the last words I heard before the line went dead.


Yup, messed up real bad.


I rushed through the school halls looking for the one person I needed to talk to at the moment.

"Khalan," I called when I approached her at her locker.

"Austin, look-" she began, but I cut her off.

"Don't say anything. I know I screwed up, with both of you. And I'm sorry."

She sighed. "Oh thank God. I'm sorry too. And yes, you did screw up," she said with that smile of hers.

I chuckled and hugged her. She's been with me for as long as I can remember. Best friends since we were both in diapers. She's literally my 'day one'. She's had my back and helped md with school and girls and whatever. She's practically blood, and I love her for that.

"And about those things I said,"

"Don't," I cut her off again. "You were right. Everything you said was true."

"So what are you gonna do about it?" she asked.

"Well," I began. "I did think of something, but I'm gonna need your help to do it."


Haha :). Just a little insight as to what goes on in Austin's head. I think he's a sweet guy tbh. Anyway I hope you like the chapter :). Please keep reading...and voting...and commenting.

- amani

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