Chapter 3: You Eat Like A Pig

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3. You Eat Like A Pig

"Blue or pink?" Jessica asked Shayley and I. It was Saturday and were at our favourite store in the mall.

"Have you even checked the price tag?" I asked with a sigh.

"Nope," she replied. "It's depressing."

Ah yes, Zoey's. The clothes there were drop dead gorgeous yet the prices could give a person a heart attack. We still loved to come here and just try on clothes though. We most of the time bought things when they were on sale or had a discount. The store mamager liked us, so she didn't get mad when we wandered around for a long time without buying anything.

"I'm hungry," Shayley said. "Why don't we ditch this place and go get some food?"

Jessica and I agreed without a word and we made our way to the food court.

"These are some good fries," I said taking another bite of my KFC fries.

"You eat like a pig you know that?" Shayley said.

I simply rolled my eyes.

Just then the door opened and the guys from the football team came in. I didn't see Kyle though.

"Hey girls," Austin said taking a seat beside Jessica leaving his boys to order. "You eat like a pig you know that?" he added looking at me as I dug into my burger.

"Oh my gosh I know right," Shayley said and laughed.

"Ha ha," I said sarcastically. "I'm a girl who loves food, deal with it."

The door opened again and Kyle walked in. Austin caught me staring.

"You know I could just talk to him for you right?" he asked.

"No thanks," I replied. I wasn't exactly shy of Kyle or anything. I just liked him...a lot and I didn't want to say or do anything stupid.

Okay maybe I was a little shy, but who wouldn't be around their crush?

"Hey Kyle! Over here!" Austin shouted. I glared at him but he just called him over anyways.

"Sup?" he greeted Austin as they did their guy handshake or whatever. "Hey Khalan," he added.

"Hi," I replied smiling.

"Khalan was just telling me how great you were in the game last Friday," Austin said.

"Yeah, totally," Jessica added.

Really Jess, really?? So much for best friends.

"You think so?" Kyle asked me.

"Well yeah, you were," I replied, trying to hide the urge to murder my friends.

We sat there in awkwardness for a few seconds.

"So, we better get going," Austin motioned towards the rest of the team. I'm guessing he sensed the awkwardness too.

"We're still on for tonight right?" he asked and I nodded.

"Later," Kyle said as they both left.

"He totally likes you," Shayley said.

"Shut up," I said and took another sip of my soda.


"You'll thank me later," Austin said as we were watching a movie in my room.

He was talking about earlier that day, with Kyle.

"So, excited for your lesson on Monday?" he asked playing with the locks of my hair.

I shifted my head and rested it more comfortably on his lap. "With Shawn? I honestly don't know."

"It may not be as bad as you think," he said.

I shrugged. "I guess we'll just have to wait and see won't we?"

"Knock knock" a voice came from behind my door. It was Charlie.

"Come in," I shouted.

"You guys may wanna head downstairs, the food's here," he said and left.

We both made our way into the kitchen. Austin grabbed me a plate as I sat down.

"So what's this tutoring thing Austin's mentioned?" my dad asked.

I sighed. "I'm basically being forced to tutor some guy."

"Who?" Emily asked.

I bit my lip. "Shawn Mitchell. I doubt you know him though."

"Shawn Mitchell?!" she exclaimed as I put a fork of noodles in my mouth. "Of course I know him. Isn't he that really hot guy in your school?"

My dad, Charlie and Austin coughed awkwardly and my mum and I just shook our heads and smiled.

"How do you know him though?" I asked her.

"I have instagram, duh," she replied flatly.

"Oh," I said.

We finished eating and Austin and I returned to my room to finish the movie.

In a few minutes we both got tired. "We'd better get some sleep," he said.

I didn't argue. I went into my bathroom to brush my teeth and change into my pajamas. When I got back Austin was already in a shirt and sweatpants he slept in whenever he stayed over. He got onto my bed before I coud tell him to sleep on the floor and I climbed into my bed beside him, switching off the lights before I got in. I didn't really mind though. I trusted him.

"Night Austin," I mumbled.

No reply. He was already asleep. I lay awake for a few more seconds before drifting off into sleep myself.

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