Chapter 50: I Was Practically Born With Two Left Feet

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50. I Was Practically Born With Two Left Feet

"Are you sure I look okay?" I asked Shayley probably for the thousandth time.

She, clearly annoyed by my nervous bickering just rolled her eyes. "Yes Khalan, you look amazing. Now stop fussing so much and let's hit the road before the party's over."

I sighed, taking a look at myself in the red long sleeved dress I was currently wearing. I don't even know why I was so nervous. Oh right, because I wasn't sure how the night with the guy I was crushing on was going to go. I guess I just wanted to know how he really felt.

"Have fun!" my mom shouted before we left.

"Will do mom! Thanks Mrs. M!" Shayley and I yelled back. She was in a beautiful mint-green strapless dress.

"I'm nervous," I admittedly blurted out when we were almost there.

"Why?" she asked.

I sighed. "I don't know. Things were great the last time we hung out. I guess I'm just scared I'm falling too fast. What if he doesn't even like me?"

"Oh trust me, he likes you," she assured me.

"You don't know that," I told her.

"I know that, you know that, heck just by watching you two even my dog would know that!"

"Alright, alright," I laughed.

She shook her head, focusing on the wheel once again.

Shawn's house was decorated beautifully when we got there. I stepped out into the cold and couldn't wait to get in. It was much fancier than I expected. Shayley gave my hand a squeeze and I smiled at her.

"Wow he's loaded," she gaped when we walked into the hall...or ballroom or whatever rich people call it. Right, she hadn't been inside before.

My eyes lit up when I spotted Shawn heading my way. He smiled but was aggressively whisked away by some blonde girl. He gave me an apologetic look and I just shrugged, indicating that it was okay.

"Well that didn't go as planned," I muttered.

"Oh hush," Shayley told me. "He may be dancing with a bunch of girls tonight but trust me, he'll be looking at only you."

I blushed and let out a small laugh. "Shut up, let's just go find the others."

We found them chatting beside the giant tree in one corner of the room.

"You guys look amazing," Jessica squealed before giving me a hug.

"As do you," I smiled. She was wearing a beautiful purple dress with sparkles.

"Wow," Jacob said.

"You like?" Shayley teased and gave a playful courtesy.

"I love," he laughed.

"If the whole thing with Shawn doesn't work out," Liam winked. "I'm just one call away."

I laughed, ignoring his tease. "I'll remember that."

The evening was going great, except I hadn't even had one conversation with Shawn. Liam and Jacob were on the dancefloor probably chatting up many girls that were present. My three best friends were waiting for me because I was waiting for Shawn.

I sighed. "You guys can go dance, really. It's fine."

"Sure?" Austin asked.

I nodded.

He and Jess smiled at me before making their way to the middle of the room.

"Well," Shayley said linking our arms. "I don't have a partner either so I'll wait with you."

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