Chapter 4: Have Fun On Your "Not Date"

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4. Have Fun On Your "Not Date"

I sighed, trying to get Shayley to take a freaking hint. She had been going on about some gossip she heard in the girls locker room before PE.

"Shayley, we love you, but we really don't care," Jessica said holding Shayley's arm.

"Took the words right out of my mouth," Austin added.

And mine too.

"Hey Austin," a familiar voice came making the hairs on my back stand.

"Hey Renée," he said forcing a smile.

Oh great, what was she doing at our table?

"I called you on Friday, you never answered," she said, ignoring the rest of us.

I scoffed and she sent me a nasty glare.

Renée Walker. We didn't exactly get along. And her dislike for me grew even stronger when she and Austin were dating sometime ago. She blames me for the fact that they never worked out the way she wanted to. I didn't like Austin in a romantic way then, nor do I do now. But for some reason she refuses to see that. And come on, did she really think Austin was going to stay with a girl who hated his best friend's guts?

"Yeah," he responded. "I was out."

"So, you have any plans for tonight?" she asked.

"Um, yeah I..." he started. He gave me a 'please-help-me' look. I honestly didn't know what to say and cast him an apologetic look.

"I'm going out with...Jess!" he blurted.

Jessica almost choked on her water. "Excuse me?"

"Yeah, we made plans remember?" he asked giving her a pleading look.

She sighed. "Um...yeah, yeah I remember now."

"Oh," Renée said. You could sense the jealousy and disappointment in her voice. "Like on a date?"

"No!" Jessica quickly said. "I mean, just as friends. Nothing else," she added giving Austin a 'what-were-you-thinking' glare.

"Well I'll see you later Austin," she said as she got up. "Girls," she added as she gave the three of us one more cold glare before she left.

The bell rang and Austin sighed in relief.

"What happened to the girl you went out with on Friday?" I asked him.

He shrugged. "She's not really my type."

I only rolled my eyes at that.

"Well have fun on your 'not date'," Shayley teased getting up.

Jess rolled her eyes. "We're not actually going out," she said.

"Hey, aren't you giving yoiur first lesson to Shawn today?" Shayley asked as Jessica and I escorted her to her locker.

I felt a knot tie up in my stomach. I was nervous. "Um...yeah," I replied.

"Well good luck with that," she said.

"Good luck," Jessica chuckled before walking off to her next class.


I scanned the library for Shawn's face. Then I saw him. He was wearing a plain black top which showed off his biceps. He was gently moving his head to the beat of the music he was listening to through his headphones. Once again, I tried not to dwell on the fact that he was pretty good looking. I took a deep breath and walked towards him.

"Uh...hey," I said tapping him on the shoulder. He removed his headphones and looked at me with his blue eyes.


I sat down and pulled out my books. "Thanks for being on on time," I said.

He just shrugged. "Just do what you gotta do Michaels, then we can both be out of here."

Michaels? He does know I have a first name right? But I didn't complain.

"The sooner we start the sooner we get out," he added with his accent.

I ignored his attitude and focused on his Australian accent instead. Who didn't love an accent right?

I got out my math textbook and began to teach him.

"Got it?" I asked when I was done explaining a method to him.

"If I say yes would you let me go?" he asked.

"Focus Shawn," I said and sighed. We had about an hour left to study. Austin was wrong, this was going to be way harder than I thought.


I entered my house exhausted that evening. Trying to get Shawn to learn was like trying to teach a fish to use a cell phone.

"How'd the tutoring go?" my mom asked as I slumped onto the couch.

"Horribly," I muttered.

"Don't worry honey, you'll get the hang of it," she said.

"I hope," I said back. "Hey I'm going upstairs," I added as I made my way to my room. I finished up my assignments and took a warm shower. I put on a white tank top and pajama shorts and took the guitar in one corner of my room. I started strumming a few notes. Then I heard my phone beep. Texts from Shayley and Jessica probably asking about the rest of my day. I put my phone on my bedside table and put the guitar on the floor beside my bed. I lay back on my bed for a while, eventually falling asleep.

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