Chapter 27: You Might Catch Flies

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27. You Might Catch Flies

Monday came again, meaning after a fun weekend I had a whole week of school to look forward to.

How great.

I lazily got out of bed and got ready for school, having my brother drop me off when I was done.

"Later kid," he called as I got out.

I turned and gave him a quick smile before walking inside.

I approached Kyle at his locker before heading to class.

"Hi there," I said before giving him a light kiss.

"Hey," he responded. "So, guess what?"

"I'm really bad at guessing games," I quickly said and he let out a small laugh.

"My parents got a reservation at some fancy restaurant with a name I can't even pronounce ," he began. "Some work thing came up so they had to bail. And guess who gets to take his girlfriend there instead."

"Like I said...really bad at guessing games," I teased. "I'm kidding. I'd love to go with you."

"It's a date then," he said. "We better get to class now," he added.

"I just have to grab a few more things," I told him heading back to my locker.

"Okay," he shouted. "Oh, and wear something fancy tonight."

I smiled and shook my head. Yeah sure, I still felt weird about Kyle taking me to all these fancy places and stuff but what was I gonna do? Decline? Of course not.

I took the things I needed and headed to class.


"Where's Denise?" I asked Austin at lunch. I guess I had gotten so used to seeing her that it was quite odd for her to not be tagging along wherever Austin went.

"Uhh she wasn't feeling very well," he said. "Probably because of the time we spent outdoors and all."

Shayley snorted. "She looked fine to me yesterday."

I nudged her playfully to tell her to quit it.

It was just us four at the table; Jessica, Shayley, Austin and I. Kyle and Zeke were still stuck in Physics trying to earn some extra credit. As for Shawn, Liam and Jacob, I had no idea what they were up to, since they wouldn't tell me. Their mysterious meetings and stuff they had planned were very suspicious though.

Then the place went cold. Everyone and everything started to flee for their lives. You could hear the souls of mortals screaming for help. The devil probably walked in - oh wait, it was just Renée.

"What's wrong Austin," she said as she approached us. "Denise not here today?" she added with a sickly sweet smile.

He sighed. "I really don't have time for this," he told her.

"You know Austin, it's high time I forgot about you. Have fun with your little side whore," she spat.

"You're pathetic you know that?" Jessica shouted after her as she stormed off.

"Let her go," Austin said. "At least I got her off my back."

Jessica just nodded and gave him a small smile.

"What's got you two all friendly all of a sudden?" I asked with a chuckle. "Two days ago you couldn't be in the same room without arguing.

"We're friends Khalan, it happens," she replied.

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