Chapter 23: Camping It Is

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23. Camping It Is

"What's up?" I asked my friends who had filled up a lunch table. Shayley scooted over to the right allowing space between her and Liam for me to sit.

"Okay, she's here," Shawn said. "Tell us your great idea."

"I had a great idea," Jacob began with a grin on his face.

"We already know that dumbass, tell us what it is," Shayley said rolling her eyes.

"Hey, lovebirds?" Jacob called referring to Jess and Zeke who were sharing a kiss. Austin fake coughed. "Yeah, attention's on me now alright?" Jacob joked.

Jessica, after glaring at both of them, diverted her attention to what Jacob was saying.

"So, my uncle owns this piece of land on Pine View's Peak. He was saying something about how he hadn't been there in a while so it hit me; why don't we all go camping?" he finished.

"Camping?" Jessica asked.


"That sounds cool," Liam agreed looking at a brochure Jacob pulled out of his back pocket. I had been to Pine View's Peak before. Austin, my siblings and I used to go camping with my dad or his dad when we were younger, but we had only been there once. It was quite hilly and overlooked the valley of a small lake; Lake Pine, hence it's name.

"That's not a bad idea," I said. I loved the outdoors.

"Great," Jacob said. "Guys?"

"I guess it could be fun," Shawn said.

"Yeah," Zeke and Austin said in unison.

"Beats staying home and studying," Shayley said. "I'm in."

We all looked at Jessica, waiting for her answer. She was more of a stay at home, watch a movie kinda girl.

"What?" she asked stuffing her mouth with a burger. All eyes were still on her as she chewed and swallowed.

"Oh fine," she gave in with an eyeroll. "Camping it is."

"Yes!" Jacob said beaming.

"When are we going anyways?" she asked.

"I was thinking Friday. Why not spend the weekend out there?" Jacob replied.

"Um, not to rain on your parade or anything but don't we have school on Friday?" Jessica asked.

"Nope. I was sent to the Principal's office today and overheard a conversation. Apparently we're getting Friday off cause they're fumigating the school or something," Jacob shrugged.

Shayley, Shawn and I looked at each other and burst out laughing, leaving the rest wondering why and looking at us like we were crazy.

"Friday sounds cool," I said, my laughter dying down. "Hey do you mind if I bring Kyle?" I asked Jacob.

"Go for it," he answered. "More the merrier right?"

Shawn rolled his eyes. I just shook my head and chuckled before throwing a fry at his face. He caught it swiftly and put it in his mouth before winking at me.

Shit, that was hot.

So is your boyfriend Khalan, so is your boyfriend.

"Where is Kyle anyway?" I asked Austin.

"Missed practice yesterday. Coach is making him 'catch up'," he replied laughing.

We just sat there talking till lunch was over, then we headed back to class.

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