Chapter 36 (2/2): From Sitting At A Lunch Table To Sharing A Jail Cell

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36. From Sitting At A Lunch Table To Sharing A Jail Cell

And so there we were...a group of teenagers stuck in an abandoned room in a zoo. I don't even know how long we were stuck in there. Obviously everyone had exited the reptile exhibit, otherwise our hitting the door and calling for help would have been heard. I sat on the floor and rested my head on Austin's shoulder.


"Yeah?" she mumbled. Her head was occupying Austin's other shoulder.

"What's your biggest fear?" I randomly asked.

"Well I'd say being stuck somewhere with no way out, but I'm not having a panic attack or dead so I'll cross that out," she joked and I let out a small laugh.

"Hey what time is it?" Shawn asked.

"I don't know," Jacob answered. "Probably evening though."

He shifted his body slightly and Liam who was about to drift off to sleep on his shoulder fell onto the floor instead.

"What the?" he asked groggily and the rest of us laughed.

"Hey! Who's there?" someone shouted from outside.

"Someone's here!" I exclaimed and dashed towards the door. I began pounding on it as the others yelled to get his attention.

"Over here!" I yelled.

The door swung open and a short grey haired man in a security uniform stood there with his flashlight.

"You teens again huh?" he said bitterly. "Thought I told you to stay away from here."

" probably have us confused with some other people sir," Jess said.

"Ah, new faces huh? I should have expected more of you," he said.

"Sir we're not-"

"Let's see how you thieves like it when the police find out I finally caught you," he continued despite our attempt to explain.

"Wait, thieves?" I asked. "Okay look, we really are not who you think we are. We were just messing around and got locked for God knows how long."

"Save it," he said and took out his cell phone to dial the police who were probably not far away since they showed up in like five minutes.

"What a bitter old bastard," Jacob muttered under his breath.

"Tell me about it," Shawn agreed.

"Okay guys," I said trying to calm them down. "Don't worry, I'm sure everything will work out."

"Yeah, I mean we didn't do anything," Austin said.

"Are these the teenagers you keep complaining about?" a police man asked as he walked up to the security guard.

"More of them," he said.

"He's never even seen us before," Shayley interfered.

"Ma'am calm down, you can all explain yourselves at the station," he told her.

We were all forced into a police van and sent to the nearby police station.

"Wait in here," he told as when he led us to a cell.

"You're kidding right?" Shayley scoffed.

"Do I look like I'm kidding?" he asked rhetorically.

Reluctantly we stepped into the cell. The officer shut it and left.

"How did we go from sitting at a lunch table to sharing a jail cell?" Shawn chuckled.

"Well you know what they say; cheers to the days that turned to nights with the friends that turned into cell mates," Liam joked. We burst into laughter at that.

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