Chapter 35 (1/2): You Look Like The Bride Of Frankenstein

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35. You Look Like The Bride Of Frankenstein

"Really?" Charlie asked. "You're lucky I came instead of mom."

I groaned. "She's not mad is she?"

"Khalan she picked up the phone," he told me. "At least I convinced her to let me come get you. She would have lost it."

I rolled my eyes. "We didn't even do anything wrong. It's just a big misunderstanding."

In case you're wondering though, I'm currently at a police station. Along with my friends. Let's just say our trip to the zoo didn't end like we planned.

"How so," he asked sitting beside me.

"It's a...long story," I mumbled.

"I got time. Plus, mom can calm down a bit before we get home," he said.

I sighed and began explaining.


8 hours earlier...

"Hey!" I greeted as I closed the fridge door. I was on the phone with Kyle.

"Hey," he said.

"How's California?" I asked him.

"It's okay I guess," he replied, unethusiasm evident in his voice.

"So...what are you doing today?" I tried continuing the conversation.

He shrugged. "Probably go down to the beach with my cousins and stuff."

"Are you okay?" I asked.

"Yeah...I'm just tired that's all," he answered.

That was understandable I guess.

"I'll leave you to rest then, bye," I said.

"Talk to you later," he assured and hung up.

Then a loud horn came blasting from outside my house. It was probably Jacob and the others in the van. I received a call at freaking 6 a.m. with him telling me we were going on a trip to the zoo today. As annoying as that was it's what I loved about my friends. They turned almost everyday into an adventure. He honked some more and I rolled my eyes as I yelled to my mom upstairs telling her I was going out.

"Hold your horses gosh! I'm coming!" I yelled as I shut the door behind me.

Jacob stopped honking as I climbed into the van.

"Sorry," he said with a smirk. "We're kinda in a hurry."

"We're going to the zoo Jacob. It's basically open all day," I deadpanned.

"Let's just get moving," Shawn said.

Jacob nodded and started the van.

"I hope you get eaten by a lion or something for making me me get up this early," Shayley groaned as her head fell onto Shawn's shoulder.

"It's 12:30 pm," Liam stated.

"And I still need sleep," she added.

Jessica rolled her eyes. "I told you watching that marathon all night wasn't a good idea."

"But it was a Friends marathon," Shayley whined. "I couldn't miss that."

"Well I guess that explains your hair. You look like the bride of Frankenstein," Austin snorted.

"And what's your excuse for your face?" she snapped.

The rest of us burst into laughter at her comment.

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