Chapter 7: I Will Castrate You

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7. I Will Castrate You

"You are not going Khalan," Austin said. He was bugging me about the date I had with Kyle tomorrow night.

"Why not?" I asked with an eyebrow raised.

"Because...because it's a party."

"So?" I said. "I've been to parties before and you've been okay with them. What makes this one so different?"

"You don't get it Khalan. It's Calvin and Trey's party. Do you know how wild those things are?" he responded.

Calvin and Trey were from the football team. They were the ones throwing the party. I had never been to one of their parties but apparently they were the wildest ones ever. It did sound a bit scary but I wasn't going to back out, especially when I've waited so long for Kyle to ask me out.

I shrugged. "Okay so they're a bit over the top. What's the big deal? Besides it's not like I'm going alone, I'll be with Kyle," I said.

"See that's the part I don't like," he said.

"What?" I asked. "The part where I'm going with a guy who's not you? He's your friend Austin, don't you trust him?"

"Oh Mia, I think we've already established the fact that I don't trust any guy you go out with," he replied. Mia was short for Amelia - my middle name. Khalan Amelia Michaels. Something only Austin or my family called me.

I rolled my eyes. "Sorry dad, I'm going."

"Okay fine, but do expect me there. They are my friends after all," he said.

I threw him a pleading look. "I don't need a chaperone for earth's sake."

He just smiled. "Later Khalan," he said after tapping my nose before walking away.

I groaned and shut my locker and headed to the library to tutor Shawn.


I hurried to open the door when I heard the doorbell ring. My friends were standing there and I gave them a warm smile.

"Well I hope you guys are here to talk her out of this," Austin said as they walked in.

I rolled my eyes. Austin had 'dropped by' to see what I was up to. "No, they're here to help me get ready," I said.

"Yeah no kidding, cause you're so not going looking like that," Jessica pointed out.

I was wearing sweatpants and an oversized t-shirt and flip flops and my hair was in a very messy bun. And unlike some girls somehow I never found a way to make that look cute. I smiled as I took another bite of my apple.

"C'mon lets go get ready," I said.

"Get ready for what?" Charlie walked in through the kitchen and asked.

I sighed. "Put on a shirt would you?" I said to my bare chested brother.

"Does he have to?" Shayley muttered.

"Yeah, do I have to?" he asked mockingly, making her blush a little when she realised he heard.

I shook my head at both of them as he grabbed a shirt on the couch and threw it on.

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