Justin: Um I gotta take this, *sighs* please don't post anymore stupid tweets

Drake: Watever *scoffs*

Justin: *goes outside and answers phone* What do you want?

??: I miss you Justy, do you miss me?

Justin: You know its over between us

??: But I still love you

Justin: I moved on, so should you

??: That's not happening Justy

Justin: Can you stop?

??: Why baby?

Justin: *sighs* Look I gotta go *looks inside at Drake*

??: Babysitting Drake Bell uh?

Justin: How do you know about him?..

??: Its LA Justin, news flies around fast *giggles*

Justin: Who else knows about this?

??: Oh... just me, take me back or I'll get TMZ before they get to you first

Justin: Blackmail won't work

??: You sure about that? They will believe every word I say *smirks on the other end*

Justin: Bye

??: I need to see you Justy

Justin: *gets angry, hangs up, goes back inside and shuts the door*

Drake: You seem upset

Justin: That's cause I am

Drake: Chick problem?

Justin: Its nothing, leave it alone

Drake: Watever you say, watever you say


He can't keep me away from him and ignore me like I'm useless or trashy. Justin has another thing coming. Drake will be shocked to see me face to face, if he didn't hang up on me, I won't be on my way to his house right now. He's mine and only mine. It's not over yet, it never was


Despite the eerie silence between me and erm Jus.... Jus.... Jus.... Justin, saying his name is jus ew. Anyway even though I was on social media and no not bothering Justin like I always do, I was just scrolling through reading tweets but what was really on my mind was that phone call he had with some girl.... Well you know it could be any girl, he's the typical ladies man, girls flock him from all over the world and if you ask me he probably just uses them to get what he wants and then dump. As much as I hate his Canadian ass and his douchebag ways, I still don't know the guy. He walked in angry, I asked him being well erm caring and all and he didn't tell me. Now I know how he gets when he's angry and thanks to one person that makes it possible. You're looking at him - ME. He was angry so I decided to back off. Fo the remaining hours left in the morning as it descended slowly into the afternoon we both were silent caught up in our mobile devices that is until the doorbell rang....

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