It was dark now everyone had their fun in the pool except Emily....

Yeah that's right Emily she left for  a walk earlier and never came back. I  was getting extremely worried.

Drake: Where that chick at?

Justin: *paces up and down*

Drake: Aren't you the tiniest bit worried?

Justin: *stops* Of course I am its almost 1am

Ryan: She'll show up

Justin: No my instinct tells me she's in danger. I'm going and look for her

Selena: Yayyy always the hero *twirls hair*

Justin: Shutup Sel

Chaz: We should come with you

Justin: No I'm the one that let her go, I'm the one that's going to bring her back


I went for a walk to clear my head, to drain my thoughts, to get away from the house, to not get into another fight with Justin. Taking a walk in L.A. is relaxing, it works. The problem is I was so lost in my thoughts that I didn't realise it was this late. My battery was about die as I walked relentlessly on the road.


Ryan gave me the keys to his car as I sped off in search of Emily.


My battery died it was useless to call anyone for help so I could get a safe ride home but I knew that I had to "be aware of strangers". Something my mom lectured me since I was 5 years old.


Emily's mother: Remember sweetie, do not talk to strangers, if they ask you if you need a ride say "No" immediately, never accept things from strangers. Finally walk away. Understood?

Emily: Yes mommy

The road I was about to walk down didn't seem familiar, oh hell I couldn't see a thing. It was lonely and dark or so I thought

I heard voices, male voices

"Run Emily run"

"And go where?"

"I don't know you're in danger, run!!!"

I'm talking to myself again, boy do I have to stop doing that.

I looked back they were three(3) guys on my heels, well I should say men. I quickened my pace between them but they got to me before I could reach any further

I was grabbed by one of them, the taller one of all three and dragged to an alley

"What's happening?" Silly me to not wear more appropriate clothes

Man #1: *slams her against a wall*

Emily: *groans*

Man #3: We're going to have some fun tonight *smirks*

Man #2: For sure *grins*

The third man traced his hand across my thigh and unbuttoned my pants, tears started to run down my cheeks. I could feel his rough hand beneath the short pants I was wearing

Emily: *screams* LET ME GO, LET ME GO please

Man #1: Shh baby it will be over soon

With that said he stripped my top and proceeded to feel my breasts, all three of them joined in unison unmasking what I had left. I whimpered, I was helpless, crying non stop rendered at the thought that within minutes I would be "rapeddddddddd"

I should have listened to Justin all along or I wouldn't have been in this situation. I couldn't let this happen to me, so i fought back, kicking them in the balls and lashing out at them. That just made the situation worse.

"Stupid Emily, stupid"

Man #1: You crazy bitch *slaps her hard on her face*

Emily: *cries and holds my face*

If only I had listened to him

Man #1: Now you'll get what you're really looking for *smirks*

Justin: I won't if I were you, step away from the girl


Come  on Em where are you? I rode along streets for 2 hours in desperate search for her. Until I saw three men in an alley with a girl- Emily.


I hopped out of the car

Justin: I won't if I were you, step away from the girl

All three men started towards me, I was in for a fight, I was once again protecting her.


Justin came to my rescue but how?

Justin grabbed a pipe and hit the third man in the head he was knocked out on the ground, with one man down, the two guys had to stand against Justin alone.

There was punching and intense fighting and kicking, Justin was on the ground as they kept on kicking and kicking and kicking him in the face and stomach, blood spilled out. The third man woke up.

Man #1: Come on let's get out of here

They ran off.

Emily: *runs to Justin's side* Omg are you okay?

Justin: I'm fine Em

Emily: Are you sure?

Justin: Yeah I'm fine

Emily: I'm sorry I should have listened to you *helps him up*

Justin: I'm worried about you *brushes a strand of hair out of her face*

Emily: I'm okay

Justin: Clearly not. Did they hurt you? Em tell me did they?

Emily: No

Justin: I will kill those bastards, I promise. Come on *picks her up bridal style* We need to get you to the hospital *carries her to the car*

Emily: No need to go through all that trouble

Justin: *puts her in the car gently and closes the door*


I made my way to the driver's seat never taking my eyes off of her thinking "poor girl". I felt sorry for her. I got in and started the engine

Emily: Justin, your nose its bleeding

Justin: *looks in the mirror* Dammit!!! I'll be fine *drives off and calls Drake*

Drake: *answers* Bro what's going on? Have you found Emily? Are you alright?

Justin: Easy with the questions, we're on our way to the hospital, meet us there *hangs up*

Ryan: Any news?

Drake: They're on their way to the hospital. Let's go

Justin: Drake asked about you

Emily: So he does care

Justin: Who knows Em, my stepbrother is full of surprises

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