One more day before sleepover

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Its the final day before the sleepover with Me, Selena, Drake, Ryan, Chaz and of course the beautiful belieber that I can't stop thinking about- Emily.

Hoping that things don't turn out out for the worse with Emily, Drake and Selena in one house, let's just hope that one hell of a sleepover turns out well as I hope.

I'm not always right now am I?

My mom is back for now......

Pattie: Justin!!!!

Justin: Coming *runs downstairs*

Pattie: Son?

Justin: Yes mom?

Pattie: You're having a sleepover

Justin: Yes with Drake, Sel, Ryan, Chaz and Emily

Pattie: The belieber

Justin: You know?

Pattie: *smiles* I'm your mother secrets are never hidden from me

Justin: Who told you?

Drake: *walks downstairs slowly* I did

Justin&Pattie: *turns and looks at Drake*

Drake: I told her

Justin: Well of course, you're the one that can't keep your big mouth shut

Drake: *scoffs* I didn't say much

Pattie: He's right

Justin: Uhm...

Drake: I just told her she's a belieber you met outside of the studio and you invited her over for a sleepover

Justin: *gulps*

Pattie: That's why I'm staying by your father for the weekend

Justin: By dad?

Pattie: Yes so I want you boys under control, no fighting

Drake: Got it

Justin: Understood

Pattie: Scooter and Fredo will leave on business, you boys have the house to yourselves

Drake: Alright!!!!

Pattie: I'm leaving now

*sees Kenny with bags*

Justin: Hi Kenny *smiles*

Kenny: Hi *takes bags outside*

Justin: You're leaving already?

Pattie: Yes

Alright well I'm off, I'll kiss Jazzy and Jaxon for you, have fun boys, enjoy yourselves *walks out of th house and closes the door*


Where there is me, there is always trouble

Justin: You damn well know I didn't tell her anything about the sleepover

Drake: Lucky I saved your ass

Justin: I don't need you helping me

Drake: Truth is you do brother

Justin: Fine maybe just don't get use to it

Drake: Alright, I'll be in my room

*couple hours later*


Emily: *texts Justin my address*

Emily's mother: What are you doing?

Emily: Texting  Justin our address

Emily's mother: You're giving him our address? Are you insane child!!!

Emily: How else am I getting by his house uh?

Emily's mother: You're not going

Emily: Really? I have an opportunity now, I'm taking it *runs upstairs and slams my bedroom door*


*calls Kenny*

Kenny: What's up?

Justin: Can you pick up Emily at her house tomorrow at 4pm

Kenny: Emily from outside the studio?

Justin: *chuckles* That Emily

Kenny: You go Justin

Justin: We're not dating Kenny

Kenny: My bad, sure I'll pick her up

Justin: Bring her here to the house

Kenny: Will do *hangs up*

*couple minutes after the phone call*

Justin: *texts Kenny Emily's address*    

With Fredo and Scooter gone and Pattie as well, Justin and Drake spent the quiet Friday at home awaiting the very moments that was going to take place the next day.

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