The punk swore infront of his mother, has he no training? and they say I'm in bad shape. Oh really?

Drake: I see you didn't tell him. Well you rude brat I'm moving in

Justin: Take that back

Drake: *drops bags* How about you make me take it back


Drake: He started it

Pattie: Justin calm down

Justin: Calm down? This idiot is moving into my home and you want me to calm down *scoffs*

Drake: This idiot has a name

Justin: Who cares. you could get run over by a truck for all I care

Pattie: Justin that's enough

Justin: Whatever

Pattie: *looks at Scooter* Take Drake upstairs so he can settle in the guest room

Scooter: Okay

Drake: *glares at Justin and follows Scooter*


Like I said nothing but secrets, its sickening

Pattie: I trained you the right way son. What was that?

Justin: *sits* Why didn't you tell me? Answer me mom. WHY!!!!

Pattie: I was protecting you

Justin: How by letting that scoundrel move into this house

Pattie: Its for his own good. You don't understand

Justin: You're right, I will never understand either

Pattie: I don't like this idea as much as you do, just.... do me a favor and get along. I'm going to bed. I love you son

Justin: *mumbles* I love you too mom


Scooter: Here's your room

Drake: Thanks

Scooter: Quit it, the sooner your behavior changes, the sooner your ass gets out of here. I hate you as much as Justin does. Hurt him and you'll regret it *walks out*

Look at Scooter high and mighty threatning me, who does he think he is. I do what I want. I unpacked the suitcases and headed downstairs, no sign of Scooter but the twerp was there. Twerp= Trouble

Drake: Hey brother

Justin: *turns around and sees Drake* Don't ever call me that again

Drake: Can't a guy be friendly?

Justin: You're far from friendly, you're nothing but a scumbag *goes to the kitchen for an apple*

Drake: I'm the scumbag? You're rude, inconsiderate and childish

Justin: Yeah as if *scoffs* Says the guy that has "FANS" that hang from the ceiling

Drake: *slams Justin into the wall* Listen to me you twerp, I'm here now whatever I say goes

Justin: You may be older and stupid but you're not the boss of me

Drake: *slams Justin against the wall again* I have been through hell coming to this stupid country just to stay in this dump with you, you of all people, word of advice- Keep your damn mouth shut, I don't like you, you don't like me so stay out of my way

Justin: *pushes Drake away from me* Get off me you son of a bitch

Drake: I'm warning you Bieber, stay out of my way

Justin: How about you stay out of mine

Drake: Like that's gonna happen

Justin: Rude asshole

Drake: *chuckles* Yeah keep the names coming

Justin: *throws the apple at his head* How about this one for size. Next time cunt, pick on someone your own size *goes upstairs*

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