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Did I say the word "love" I mean I care about her, you heard nothing from me, nothing

It was Saturday morning as preparations were being made for Jake's party- "the unruly quarterback".  Em invited Alicia over, too bad Fredo wasn't here for this, they were hitting it off the night we first both met Emily and Alicia outside the studio.

Poor Fredo.

Drake and Selena were being themselves just plain ass rude and since Selena hates Emily it wasn't any different with Alicia but the minute she saw Ryan&Chaz her face lit up like a Christmas tree.

Within minutes the two disappeared as they made plans as to what they would wear, how their hairstyle would be, how they would originally look, and what  Jake's party would be like, how would they would fit in with the rest? After all it would be a party filled with the most popular kids from Eagle Rock High.

Justin: Hey Drake, can I talk to you for a sec?

Drake: Okay *gets up and goes to Justin* Do you need more fake ID's *smirks*

Justin: No you idiot

Drake: *chuckles*

Justin: I need you to attend Jake's party with me

Drake: What? Are you out of your mind!!! Out of all your plans this is by far the craziest plan ever. You're whack.

Justin: I'm asking for your help Drake

Drake: And I'm saying no, you're not benefiting from this

Justin: Its not about me its about her *shoves Drake and walks away*


Alicia: So what are you wearing?

Emily: My purple dress

Alicia: Em this isn't prom

Emily: But.....

Alicia Come on, I'll take care of everything

Emily: Ali you don't.....

Alicia: Not another word when Jake sees you, you're going to have him saying damn


Night descended, as we hustled to get dressed. Alicia pratically dressed me from head to toe, she wasn't joking when she said she's going to take care of everything. Luckily we got a ride by who? No other than my faithful friend- Ryan Butler. He offered to drive us. Both of us came downstairs as Ryan, Chaz and Drake looked on in awe. Selena ignored us.

Ryan: You two look beautiful

Alicia&Emily: Thanks Ryan

Emily: You guys  can stop staring now

Selena: Pity party *rolls eyes*

Alicia: Where's Justin?

Chaz: We don't know

Emily: *sighs* Come on let's go

As we were heading through the door when Alicia asked me  question, a question I didn't know the answer to.

Alicia: What's going on with you and Austin?

Emily: Um Alli its actually Justin

Alicia: Oh

Emily: Not Austin

Alicia: Then why is he in our school?

Ryan: Drake forged a identity, he vowed to protect Emily always

Alicia: Why?

Emily: Can we talk about this later?

Alicia: Sure

Minutes after we arrived at the venue. Allison got out of the car.

Ryan: Be careful

Ryan: I could stay you know.....

Emily: I'll be fine Ryan

Ryan: Okay bye

Emily: *smiles and gets out of the car*

With Alicia by my side we walked up the steps and into the house, music was blasting really loud. The house was packed.

Emily: I guess Jake invited the whole school

Alicia: You think?

Jake approached us.

Jake: Hi Em

Emily: Hi Jake

Alicia: I'm gonna go get a drink *winks at Emily and walks away*

Jake: You look beautiful

Emily: Thank you, you look uhm handsome *giggles*

Jake: Thanks, glad you made it, come on *holds her hand* Let's get you a drink *walks off with Emily*

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