I came outside to meet the two Beliebers that were waiting for me to come out. Unfortunately for a first meeting I got their identities mixed up. Emily met me first. She was the most beautiful girl I had ever seen, apart from my ex- Selena Gomez.

Selena Gomez

Let me tell you a little about my esteem ex. She's a singer songerwriter+actress. She's super attractive and god that beauty, the way she flashes that perfect smile of hers. With death threats from my Belieber and little privacy we called it quits, but death threats and paparazzi were not the reason we decided to go separate ways, its too personal to mention. We go wayyyy back and we have been on and off most of the times but then I met Emily- a beautiful brunette with whom I was attracted to although I must say Fredo was watching my every move.....

Fredo: Hey Alicia

Alicia: Yes Fredo? *turns to him smiling*

Fredo: Are you a fredolieber?

Alicia: What if the answer is no *grins*

Fredo: Then that's not an answer *pokes her nose*

Alicia: Then yes

Justin: Back off man, she's mine

Fredo: Cmon bro share

Justin: I'm kidding, Emily is mine

Emily: *blushes* Oh really?

Justin: Yes

Emily: Are you sure you don't say this to other beliebers?

Justin: I'm sure baby

Emily: *blushes*

Fredo: *scoffs*

Alicia: Someone is jelly of Bieber

Fredo: Who me? Nahhh

Alicia: Yeahhh righttt

Fredo: I'm not, I got you remember *tickles Alicia*

Alicia: *laughs* St.o..ppppp

Fredo: This is what you get for saying I'm jealous

Alicia: *laughs* Justi...n HELP!!!

Justin: Nope leave me out of it *grins and looks at Emily*

Emily: What? *looks at Justin* oh wait I know that look, you're up to no good

Justin: You're right *lifts Emily over my shoulder*

Emily: *screams* Oh my bieber!!! Justin put me down

I walked a distance away from Fredo and Alicia with her over my shoulder, I was laughing the whole time when I finally put her down gently

Emily: *spats out* You're such a tease Bieber

Justin: Alright, alright I'm sorry *pouts*

Emily: It's okay *smiles*



Emily: Why did you bring me over here?

Justin: So we can be alone

Emily: Alone?

Justin: Yeah *scratches head* so I could get to know you better

Emily: *smiles* Well what do you want to know?

Justin: Hm, walk with me

Emily: Okay *smiles*

Justin: *holds her hand* I want to know everything there is to know about Emily Alvarez

Emily: *looks into Justin hazel brown eyes* Okay it starts off like this.......


We finally reached the house and me and Kenny entered upon seeing Pattie busying herself in the kitchen

Pattie: Hey Kenny

Kenny: Hi, I came to drop him off

Pattie: Thanks Kenny, where's the other boys

Kenny: Back at the studio, I'm going back for them

Pattie: Okay, see you soon

Kenny: Yes you too *smiles* Bye Drake

Drake: Bye

Pattie: Come Drake, sit I'm making spaghetti

Drake: *sits on a stool* Aren't you surprised to see me?

Pattie: Not really, I figured you would be back before they did

Drake: Interesting

Pattie: Son as much as you hate my son, well you both hate each other nevertheless I'm taking you into my home and treat you like my very own son

Drake: That's very kind of you Pattie

Pattie: Don't mention it, here *puts a plate infront of him* Eat up, you look like you use the energy

Drake: *smiles and eats*

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