Watching that nitwit rehearsing gives me the creeps, his digusted face beaming at Scooter and Fredo. I couldn't just stand there and do nothing all day, I had to do something but what. I was extremely bored out of mind and all I heard was the chanting outside "JUSTIN!!! JUSTIN!!! JUSTIN!!! JUSTIN!!!" no other than BELIEBERS my enemies, I know, I know you're probably thinking why am I hating on teenage girls?

They're just not average normal teenage girls, these girls are animals, they protect Justin no matter what:

the kid does drugs- they say other celebrities do it

the kid gets a DUI- they say its okay, he'll learn from his mistakes

the kid gets arrested- they stand up outside the station singing one of his songs

the kid pees in a mop bucket- harry styles was butt naked judge him instead

Then there's me, the average adult that goes on Twitter to interact with fans and then there's his stupid Beliebers, I'm their main target

I started to get hungry and noticed a food court outside, I glanced back at Fredo, Scooter and justin they were focusing more on him, than me. I couldn't take it anymore, I had to get out of there. I put on my shades and pulled up my hoodie, risking that I won't get caught being at Justin's studio. My quick feet carried me out of the studio and through the front door where I was greeted by tons of Beliebers who couldn't get their hands off of Bieber.

I couldn't see Kenny in sight so I ran across the road to the food court, it took me about 30 minutes in there to get a sandwich and a drink* obviously fending for myself. I ran back over surprised to see the amount of Beliebers that increased, I swear they "stalk" the guy for all I care. I hate them as much as they hate me but the worse is about to happen

Belieber: Hey is Justin in there?

Drake: None of your business *looks down not making eye contact*

Belieber: *turns to her friend* Did he just say its none of my business?

Friend: Hey who are you?

Drake: *tries to get inside the building* None of your business

Belieber: I know that voice from somewhere

Drake: *clears throat* Sorry little girl you have the wrong person *tries to push past Beliebers*

Suddenly from behind I hear Kenny yell, I thought uh oh I'm in trouble

Kenny: *yells* Hey let him through

Beliebers step aside and all attention was drawn to Kenny, I gotta be grateful to the guy if he hadn't come to the rescue, I was gonna be done with. I hurried back inside and there was Scooter, Fredo and Justin staring at me with angry eyes mostly the nitwit


*Meanwhile outside*

Friend: OMB there's Kenny

Belieber: OMB!!! OMB!!! I can't believe we met Kenny

Friend: But who's that guy he let into the studio? A family member? probably a friend

Belieber: No Alicia, I'm preety much sure I know that voice from somewhere

Friend: Who could it be?

Belieber: That guy sounded like Drake Bell

Friend: No way!!!

Belieber: It makes sense, he had a hoodie, his voice was rough, he was rude and inconsiderate and he made no contact. Think about it has to be him

Friend: I don't know Emily, I don't know

Emily: We'll see about that

Alicia: What are you talking about

Emily: I got a plan, we need to get close to Kenny, folllow me

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