Drake: Hey team

Emily: Please get over yourself, we're not a team

Justin: He's just being nice

Emily: *doesn't pay attention to Justin*

Justin: Quit the act Em?

Selena: Why are you running after her ass, she's not worth it

Emily: *chuckles* But you think you were? No sweetie try again

Selena: *scoffs*

Ryan: Oh boy

Justin: Em can I have a  word with you? *looks at Ryan, Drake, Chaz&Selena*

Emily: Okayyyy

Chaz: I call dibs on the pool *runs outside*

Drake: Me second

Ryan: Can you even swim? *chuckles*

Drake: You're so annoying

Ryan: That's cause I hate your bloody guts

Drake: Are you from England now you suck at accents by the way

Ryan: Like you could do better

Drake: Better? I pranked my dad

Ryan: That was all Justin

Drake: You need help

Ryan: *cough* *cough* dirtbag *cough*

Drake:  I heard that

Justin: *yells* BE CAREFUL OUT THERE!!!

Emily: Why do you want to talk to me alone?

Justin: Your behavior is ridiculous

Emily: *spats out* I'm a child now

Justin: I did not say that

Emily: What really is your problem?

Justin: That's the question you should be answering

Emily: Oh really?

Justin: Have you even thought about it? You're holding a grudge against me since that sleepover. You won't return my calls, my texts nothing

Emily: When you told me to leave I had no intention of looking back, you love her alright

Justin: I do, but then why are you here?

Emily: I'm here for you, I came back for you but watever you decide its your choice. I hate her, every bone in her body and I will do whatever it takes to take her down. I'm sorry Justin but that's how the universe works. You see something in your path, don't be scared to take it down. I'm not scared of her and definitely not Drake. Do me a favor Juju stop protecting me and let me fight my own battles. *walks away from Justin*

Justin: Hey where are you going?

Emily: For a walk

Justin: Let Chaz go with you

Emily: He's wet

Justin: Take Ryan along

Emily: Let me go Justin *walks out an slams the door*

Justin: *sighs*

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