*Inside the studio*

Drake: I was at the food court


Drake: I was hungry, you idiot

Justin: What does that have to do with me?

Drake: Exactly so if I'm hungry I can walk my ass over to the food court and get me some food

Justin: And risk being caught right?

Drake: About that.......

Justin: *yells* What the fuck did do you do?

Drake: Nuh uh nitwit I'm one step away from that door, continue and I'll have beliebers knowing our shocking secret

Justin: You.... *tries to reach Drake*

Scooter: Justin calm down

Justin: That's all everyone is telling me to do when I'm related to that  thing over there *points to Drake*

Drake: Oh I'm a thing, you can't even...........

Fredo: Boys stop!!!

Justin: He nearly got caught

Fredo: By who Drake?

Drake: I don't know, two stupid beliebers, a waste of my time

Justin: Don't you dare ever call my beliebers stupid again

Drake: What are you gonna do twerp? Show me your abs and make me go crazy *rolls eyes*

Scooter: HEY!!! HEY!!! STOP!!!

Drake: He....

Scooter: NO!!! You listen to me Bell, you're gonna leave this studio at night where you can't be seen

Drake: Uhm what about you guys?

Justin: We leave at the same time duhhh, oh wait of course you won't know cause you're stupid *laughs*

Scooter: Justin!!!

Justin: What?

Scooter: Stop

Justin: Fine

Scooter: Fredo will keep an eye on you *looks back at Drake*

Fredo: Yeah I got this. I'm going outside though and meet beliebers

Scooter: Cool just make sure drake doesn't step foot outside

Fredo: Okay *walks off*

Scooter: Come on Justin, we got work to do

Justin: *walks behind Scooter* Just remember I got my eyes on you *glares at Drake and walks away*

*Outside the studio*

Alicia: Do you think Justin will ever come out?

Emily: I hope so, I'm not leaving till I see him

Alicia: Still thinking its Drake Bell uh?

Emily: Definitely

Alicia: I'm with you then

Emily: Really?

Alicia: Yeah


Most of the beliebers went away, it was just about 10 of us now and still no sign of Bieber.

Alicia: do you see him yet?

Emily: Nope but someone is coming outside

Alicia: OMB who?

Emily: OMB!!! ALICIA LOOK!!! Its fredo

Alicia: No way!!!

Belieber: Did someone say Fredo?

Fredo: *walks out of the studio* Wow where are all the beliebers? *laughs*

Belieber: Omg Fredo *starts crying hysterically*

Alicia: I know Fredo isn't standing infront of us

Emily: He is omg he is!!!

I saw Alfredo Flores aka Fredo as everyone would call him heading towards the studio door, I notified Alicia who was right behind me and a belieber overheard like I said it was just 10 of us now. He came out of the studio and I was beyond excited. A girl even started crying just at the sight of Fredo, Kenny left to return. Fredo slowly made his way to the crying belieber and hugged her and took out photos with the other 8 beliebers standing with us. I didn't want to rush or anything having to invade his personal privacy and then there he was coming towards us

Fredo: Hi

Emily: Hey Fredo

Alicia: Hey

Fredo: Why are you two not over there with us?

Alicia: We didn't want to invade your privacy

Fredo: *laughs* trust me it's okay

Alicia: *smiles*

Fredo: Are you guys waiting for Justin?

Emily: Yep

Fredo: He'll be out later, it takes patience

Alicia: A lot

Fredo: You two seem cool

Emily: Thanks

Fredo: You girls won't mind taking a photo with me, now would you?

Alicia: Sure

Emily: Absolutely

I took out my phone and slid the screen over to Camera graciously and handed it to Fredo. he collected it and all three of us took a selfie

Fredo: Say Jerry!!!

Emily&Alicia: JERRY!!! *camera clicks*

We took turns taking silly photos with Fredo and he took one with his phone

Fredo: I didn't catch your name by the way

Emily: I'm Emily

Alicia: I'm Alicia

Fredo: Nice to meet you both dedicated beliebers

Alicia: Nice meeting you too Fredo *blushes*

Fredo: See you soon *winks at Alicia*

Bye guys!!! *turns to beliebers and walks back into the studio*

Alicia: Did you see that?

Emily: I sure did. Lucky bish!!!

Alicia: Someone is jelly

Emily: I'm not

Alicia: Sure you aren't

Emily: *smiles*


One thing I learnt from this experience is never give up hope and always believe. My best friend and I met both Kenny and Fredo in one day outside of Justin's studio. Waiting is worth the while, the best is yet to come


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