Drake: Justin?

Ryan: *barges in* EMILY!!!!!

*Monitor goes flat*

Drake: *yells* Doctor!!!

Doctor: *yells* Room 141 needs  help ASAP NOW COME ON PEOPLE, MOVE IT!!!

Doctors: *rushes in the room*

Nurse: Get him out of the room now!!!

Doctor: Sir you have to leave *looks at Justin*

Justin: NOOOOOO I'm not leaving her

Doctor: *whispers to Drake* I thought you said you would keep him to a minimum

Drake: Get in there and fix her

Doctor: You have to leave *goes into the room*

Monitor beeps flat

Justin: No

Drake: Justin stop being stubborn

Justin: *clenches fist*

Drake: Fine we'll do this the hard way *pulls Justin out fo the room*

Justin: *yells* Noooooooooooooooooooo

*Outside the room*

Ryan: What happened?

Drake: She uhm

Justin: She got raped

Ryan By who, who did it?

Justin: Jake Heileman, I'm going to kill that son of a bitch if she doesn't live

Ryan: Justin.....

Justin: No you two don't understand, I love her *punches wall and slides down*

*sighs* I love her

Drake: Well this isn't shocking

Ryan: Now is not the time for your nonsense

Drake: I was the one that made him come here

Ryan: And? Its all about you isn't it?

Drake: Did I say that, you would be happy to know that I actually care about Emily

Ryan: Who the hell are you even fooling?

Justin: *stares blankly on the floor*


With the door closed and doctors working on Emily, there was nothing left for me to do but sit and wait. Instead of waiting for any good news quietly, I was left with Drake and Ryan fighting over me like two gorillas.

I got up and walked out of the hospital, I couldn't take anymore of it. I had to process the massacre that was happening before me

I paced back and forth in the parking lot gathering my thoughts.

"Get back in there"


"Get back in there"

"I'm out here for a reason"

"To run from your problems is that it?"


"Then face them"

"It's my fault"

"It isn't"

"I wasn't there in time"

"Justin it wasn't up to you"

"Yes it was, because of me, she may die"

"What did you always encourage your beliebers to do?"



"I encouraged them to Believe"

"Don't give up now, Justin, there's still hope"

It's weird, talking to myself and all. I'm right, I mean the other part of me is, there is still hope. She'll wake up and everything will go back to normal.

Who am I kidding? Nothing will ever be the same again. I vowed to protect her, I let my guard down

Because of me who knows what will happen to her

Because of me she was stripped of her pride

Because of me she's in this position

Because of me she got raped

None of this was suppose to happen, Jake wasn't suppose to get his hands on her, he wasn't suppose to take away what she had left of her, she didn't want to.

Because of me that maniac is still on the loose, I won't let him have the last laugh I promise this to Emily.

I walked into the hospital the doctor was outside with Ryan and Drake. They stared at me in horror.

Justin: What's going on?

Drake: Justin....

Justin: What?

Drake: *clears throat*

Emily is in a coma

Justin: WHAT!!!

A COMA, A FRICKING COMA BUT HOW? THIS IS THE WORST NEWS I COULD HAVE GOTTEN. I know, I should be grateful she didn't die but god its a coma, god knows when she's going to wake up and I'm not guessing anytime soon



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