I changed just like Scooter asked me to, whatever his problem is. I headed back to the front of the bus where Scooter and Fredo were buried in their devices, Kenny on the other hand was focusing on the road

Fredo: You changed

Justin: Not like I wanted to

Scooter: *glares at Justin*

Justin: What!!! *looks at Scooter*

Scooter: Nothing

Justin: What's up with you man?

Fredo: Drake

Justin: What did he do?

Fredo: He annoyed the crap out of Scoot *laughs*

Kenny: Heyy what about that Drake guy? Justin's uhm stepbrother

Scooter: *disgruntled tone* Aren't you suppose to be driving?

Kenny: That's what I'm doing

Scooter: *scoffs*

Justin: Scooter what did he tell you?

Scooter: Nothing

Justin: He obviously got you mad

Scooter: It's nothing alright

Fredo: Let him be Justin, he'll come around when we reach the arena

Justin: I hope so

Scooter: *stares out of the window*

Fredo: So do you miss him?

Justin: Hell no

Fredo: Sure about that?

Justin: Fredo, fredo don't you know me already? Why would I miss that douchebag

Fredo: Cause you're the only thing he's got

Justin: He has my dad

Fredo: Yeah uhm

Justin: Its hard enough that I have to share my dad with him, I'll be fine

Fredo: I believe in you Justin

Justin: I know bro, you always have my back *smiles*

Scooter: *clears throat* How long do we have till Philly?

Fredo: Hours

Scooter: *sighs*

Fredo: Why are you in such a hurry?

Scooter: No reason

Fredo: *chuckles* Alright then if you say so


*On the phone*

??: I'm coming over

Drake: No, you can't step foot in this house

??: Why not? Are you scared I'm going to leave my bra somewhere, let's see how about in Justin's room

Drake:  That's not the problem

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