On the road

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Scooter- *yells* JUSTIN!!!

Drake: *smirks* Always slow

Scooter: Don't you have anything better to do?

Drake: Let's see.......   uhm nope

Scooter: *sighs*

Fredo: What's taking him so long, we have to hit the road

Scooter: Probably his stylish hair, you know how he is with his hair

Drake: Well I have a suggestion that you may like *stares at Scooter and Fredo*

Fredo: Like?

Drake: I say you leave the punk behind

Scooter: Oh how sensible, *yells* THEN THERE IS NO TOUR!!!!

Justin: *walks downstairs smiling*

Justin decked out in all white from head to toe

What's all the yelling about? *laughs*

Fredo: Nice touch

Scooter: Your believe outfit? Why is it on? *grunts*

Justin: We're going on the stage as soon as we reach Philly am I not right?

Scooter: It's a long drive, go change

Justin: *groans* I'll change on the bus

Scooter: Fine let's just go *walks outside and goes unto the bus*

Justin: *turns to Fredo* I'm confused *scratches head*

Fredo: Ask your stepbrother and hurry *walks out and goes unto the tour bus*

Justin: *stares at Drake* I'm guessing you're the problem

Drake: Hey don't look at me, I did nothing

Justin: *siighs and walks to the door* Just don't burn the house down while we're gone

Drake: How nice of you, have fun. Bye!!! *pushes him and closes the door*

Justin: Ugh *goes unto the tour bus* The king has arrived *laughs*

Scooter: Will you go and change?

Justin: Fine geez the sooner we reach Philly, the better *walks to the back*

Fredo: Hit it Kenny

Kenny: I'm on it *drives off*

Drake: *peeks out and calls a girl*

??: Didn't expect you would call so soon

Drake: They're gone........

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