I put the palm of my hand against his from outside when I finally let go and Kenny drove off and that was the last I saw of Justin, Alicia came up to comfort me. It was time to go home from an unforgettable night.


We drove off going back home, throughout the whole ride Fredo and Scoot were trying to cheer up and the last thing I wanted to see was that douchebag's face

*At home*

Drake: Where were you guys so long?

Fredo: Studio, you should have stayed, it was fun

Scooter: *scoffs* More like the flirting galore

Fredo: Shuduppp

Drake: There was flirting going on?

Fredo: You should have seen Justin

Justin: *walks in and slams door*

Drake: Yo

Justin: What do you want?

Drake: Pattie made spaghetti

Justin: *sarcastic* Great!!! *goes to the kitchen*

Drake: What's wrong with him? *looks at Fredo and Scooter*

Scooter: Long story well goodnight *runs upstairs*

Fredo: It was so cute, him and a belieber. Goodnight go easy *walks upstairs*

Justin: *sits on stool and eats spaghetti*

Drake: *goes and sits next to Justin* So I heard about you and a belieber. What happened?

Justin: *mumbles* Nothing you should get concerned in

Drake: I just want to know what went wrong

Justin: *puts down fork and looks at Drake* I suggest you move the fuck away from me before you get punched

Drake: Punched? So you're saying you're gonna hit me bieber

Justin: Yeah basically *stares him down hard*

Drake: Alright, I'll back off

Justin: Good idea *finishes off eating and throws plate in the sink*

Drake: You gonna wash that?

Justin: No *goes to the stairs*

Drake: Hey, I'm just trying to be a supportive brother

Justin: Well do me a favor and don't be *walks up the stairs and looks back* Hey

Drake: *looks at Justin*

Justin: Next time you dare call any of my beliebers stupid, any of them, I swear to you I will kick your fucking ass *walks up more stairs* Back off!!! *walks away*

Drake: *shuts off tv and sits still in the couch looking down and mumbles* Why do I even try? 😔

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