Unbelievable!!! Justin and Drake at it again. The feud  never ends what's even more alarming is that Pattie hasn't even told him the news yet, it's not my place to tell him. Poor kid!!!

Scooter: *goes to Justin's room and knocks on the door*

Justin: What?

Scooter: I need to talk to you

Justin: Fine, come in

Scooter: *opens door and walks in*

Justin: What's up?

Scooter: Why did you tweet that indirect?

Justin: He started it!!!

Scooter: You're showing him that he's the bigger one here, you're giving him what he wants

Justin: By tweeting an indirect? Wow *reads tweets on phone*

Scooter: Don't give in to him

Justin: You think I don't know that? This guy torments me, my beliebers and my whole entire life.

Scooter: I understand that, but.............

Justin: No we're done talking about useless trash, now if you'll excuse me I have tweets to read

Scooter: Okay

The door suddenly slams from downstairs............................. Pattie

Scooter: Hey, what happened?

Pattie: Where's Justin?

Scooter: In his room

Pattie: Good

Scooter: What happened?

Pattie: Me and Jeremy, we got into a fight

Scooter: Is he coming to tell Justin the news?

Pattie: Tomorrow, after what happened today let's hope he doesn't change his mind

Scooter: Everything will be fine

Pattie: *nods* Hope Justin takes it well

Scooter: I'm afraid not

Pattie: We'll see Scooter, we'll see


Justin tweeted an indirect about me.............. Ha that twerp has nothing on me, what's a stupid indirect gonna do? There they go again, his stupid beliebers defending him like always. No matter what anyone says I'll always hate that twerp cause I'm Drake Bell, I'm me

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