The worst is yet to come

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I have no idea what's going on and its a bit too akward

Justin: Dad? What are you doing here?

Jeremy: Son your mother and I have something to tell you

Justin: What is it?

Pattie: Sit down sweetie

Justin: *looks at Scooter* Scoot what is it that you guys aren't telling me?

Scooter: It's better to hear from your parents

Justin: Okay *glares at my mom and dad*


Robin: There is no easy way to put this

Joe: A long time ago you were put up for adoption

Drake: WHAT!!!

Robin: Your mom couldn't take care of you, she was so young and she decided to put you up for adoption

Drake: *puts my hands to my face*

Joe: That's where we come in, Robin couldn't have a child and it just so happens that we were blessed with you

Drake: So you're saying I'm adopted

Robin& Joe: Yes!!!!

Drake: This is unbelievable. Where's my mom now?

Robin: I'm sorry she died in a car crash 5 years ago

Drake: 5 years, 5 years you hid this from me?

Robin: I'm sorry Drake........

Drake: What about my dad?

Joe: Your dad is the father of a very famous person

Drake: That's amazing. who?

Joe: Your real  father is no other than Jeremy Bieber

Drake: You're kidding right?

Joe: I'm afraid not

Drake: No can't be, can't be

Robin: But its true

Drake: *yells* Shut up!!!

Joe: How dare you yell at her, we raised you like our own son

Drake: How could you do this to me, why!!!!

Joe: It was for the best

Drake: B.S. I'm out

Joe: Wait there's more

Drake: What?


Jeremy: Son the truth is I did something stupid a long time ago

Justin: Okay

Jeremy: There's a lady named Katherine Bell, I dated her back when were in college she got pregnant and gave birth to a baby boy. She thought it was best to give him up for adoption. She died 5 years ago

Pattie: What your father is trying to say is DRAKE BELL IS YOUR STEPBROTHER



How will the boys handle the shocking news find out next in My Sworn Enemy Is Now My Stepbrother

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