*In Justin's room*

Ryan: You alright bud?

Justin: No

Chaz: Selena ain't worth it man, you know that

Ryan: He's right, she called you useless man, who does that? An ex is an ex, she's an ex for a reason

Justin: Guys, guys hold it, it isn't about her

Ryan: Am I missing something? You're pissed

Justin: Yeah at the idiot in the other room

Chaz: Scooter?

Ryan: *smacks Chaz behind the head* No smartypants, Drake duhhh

Chaz: Oh

Justin: *laughs*

Ryan: Ayee you laughed

Justin: You guys are something

Ryan: That's why we're best friends

Justin: Right!!!

Chaz: Swag

Ryan: Shutup man *laughs*

Justin: I'm thinking

Chaz: Aboutttt?

Justin: How would you guys feel about me telling beliebers about drake

Ryan: No way, don't do it

Justin: *looks at Chaz* Well?

Chaz: I think you're insane

Justin: Really dude?

Chaz: Yup

Justin: When does the "Chaz Somers" ever disagree with me. The "Chaz Somers" who I think is the most hilarious, fun best friend ever on this planet earth.

Ryan: Yo Chaz he's trying to suck you in with his words, don't give in

Justin: Suck in? Bro what are you talking about, I'm not trying to do anything, I'm just saying the truth

Ryan: *knudges Chaz* Don't buy it bro

Chaz: It's a great idea!!!

Justin: *winks* See *looks at Ryan* That's how you do it

Ryan: *shakes head* Well we'll leave you to tell them, cmon Chaz

Chaz: *groans* Do we have to!!!

Ryan: Yes come on we're needed at the house

Chaz: Ughhhh *gets up* Bye bro

Justin: See ya

Ryan: I still don't think its a good idea

Justin: It will work out, they need to know, they are the ones that got me here

Ryan: You're right

Justin: That's the thing, I'm always right

Ryan: Byeee man

Justin: Bye bro

Ryan: *leaves*


I lay on my bed with my phone of course, staring at it as it idly knocked around back and forth in my hands with the one simple question pondering on my mind:

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