Meeting Kenny

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Alicia: Emily!!!

Emily: Come on, hurry!!! We don't have that much time


I'm Emily Alvarez, 16 years old and I'm a hugeeeeeeeee belieber, raised by my two wonderful parents in Los Angeles, where Justin bieber lives, I tried and tried and tried but still no luck with meeting Biebs. I knew he was going to be at the studio and I dragged my best friend Alicia along with me but never in my wildest dreams would I think that I would be meeting Kenny- Justin's bodyguard. I knew the voice of the disgruntled man outside of the studio and my wild guess is Drake Bell- Justin Bieber's enemy. Every belieber on planet earth hates the guy. I have to know the truth and Kenny could be my possible answer to finding out


I'm Alicia Webb, 16 years old and just like Emily I'm a huge belieber as well. We've been best friends for 4 years now, born and raised in Los Angeles, not lucky enough to meet Justin as yet, if by any chance I'm meeting him with Emily of course. We were outside Justin's studio and since we live in Los Angeles we know his every move, I mean literally. A guy in a hoodie started towards the studio and it just so happens that me and Emily were infront. We wanted to know information about Justin but the guy was beyond rude and then it came........... "That guy sounded like Drake Bell" the minute Emily said that, I thought she was going insane and she had this crazy idea and we were on our way heading towards strong built bodyguard "KENNY"

Emily: *yells* KENNY!!! KENNY!!! Over here!!!

Alicia: *yells* KENNY!!!

Kenny heard our screams and he looked straight at us, my heart started beating fast, it was going crazy actually

Emily: *yells* We need to talk to you. Its important

Kenny: *signals them to come over*

Alicia: is he.....

Emily: I guess he is. Come on!!!

I followed behind Emily towards Kenny

Kenny: *opens limousine door* Get in

We both got into the limousine and Kenny got in as well and sat on the other side. I was beyond speechless, my lips quivered and I couldn't say a word

Kenny: You girls look like I can trust you. What's up?

Emily: The guy that  you sent into the studio. I was wondering if you can tell me, erm I mean us.... who is?

Kenny: I can't let out that information sweetie, I'm sorry

Emily: I have a hunch its Drake Bell

Kenny: You do?

Emily: Yeah I know his voice anywhere

Kenny: *shrugs* What's your name?

Emily: I'm Emily, this is Alicia


I looked over at Alicia and she was shaking, her eyes gleaming with excitement

Kenny: Alicia it's okay, its just me

Alicia: Justin Bieber's bod..... body..... body.....

Kenny: Bodyguard!!!

Alicia: *squeals*

Kenny: Nice to meet you Alicia, I'll be sure to tell Justin I talked to two of his amazing beliebers

Alicia: OMB!!!

Emily: Thank you Kenny, well we must go

Kenny: You should wait out here for a few more minutes to see if Justin comes out

Emily: I doubt that

Kenny: Never Say Never Emily, something Justin would always say. Believe girls *smiles*

Me and Alicia got out of the limousine and headed back towards the crowd, I pratically dragged Alicia out, she was creeping the man out. Nevertheless I was excited to meet Kenny which means I was so much close to meeting Justin but I still got the hunch that Drake Bell is in there and I won't leave until I find out..........

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