Hey guys one of the characters Emily, Emily Alvarez I do know her

I met on her facebook in May 2014, she's a belieber just like I am and we became close friends since cause all we ever do is talk about Justin lol just kidding. She's really preety, extremely funny and she's cool. Her mom raised her on her own growing up along with her two sisters and her brother. She was born and raised in Florida and she moved to Georgia. She's a hugeeeeee belieber, I guess that's why we get along so well and we're extremely close friends. She has seen Justin Bieber live in concert which is awesome, hopefully my time comes soon. I really want to meet her in person cause we have so much in common other than the Biebs it would be great to meet her one day.

I just wanted to tell you a little about one of the characters EMILY ALVAREZ. I love her to bits and pieces and it was my idea to bring her into the story.

Hope you like it so far keep reading on :)

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