So let me just piece things together for you guys

Justin- my supposedly protector decided that he's going to attend high school with me and yes you did hear me say "My protector" Truth be told Justin feels guilty ever since you know "the incident" happened with me that morning, so he wants to be the one that protects me 24/7 which is kind of weird.  They released me from the hospital 2 days later, Justin on the other hand had Drake- his sleasy stepbrother to forge a fake identity for him to get into high school. I don't see the point on all of this, like he doesn't need to be doing but can I stop him?

The answer is no, Justin is going out of his way to protect me at all times, probably not a good idea.

It was Wednesday morning 6am school starts at 8am.

Ryan: *chuckles* First day of school bro nervous?

Justin: Nope

Ryan: Sure?

Justin: Yeah man

Drake: He should be here *shoves the documents in his hands*

Chaz: Fake identity sweet!!!!

Drake: Oh here *throws him a shirt* Its high school, you need to put a damn shirt on, no one wants to see those

Justin: My bad boys are irresistable

Drake: Puhleaseee

Justin: Drake we went over this

Emily: *comes downstairs and pours myself a bowl  of ceral*

Justin: Morning sunshine

Emily: Can you get yourself ready? Its almost 6:30

Justin: Don't we leave at 8?

Emily: *sighs* Whatever don't want to be late, I rather not have detention

Justin: I'm new remember *smirks*

Drake: Enough chit chatting

Emily: *watches the boys and eats*

Drake: Your new name is Austin Wilson

              Parents: Julie and Shawn Wilson

               You moved from Queens NY

                You're a top A student

Emily: *spits out cereal*

Ryan: You okay there Em?

Emily: Yeah I'm fine, I'm done here. Get dressed Justin now!!!!!


Don't answer that


Justin: Calm down hot stuff, I'm write behind you

Drake: *snickers* Hot stuff

Emily: *scoffs and picks up bag and runs through the door*

Ryan: Uhm

Justin: Oh right *yells* EM GO TO THE CAR, THE CAR!!!! *points in the driveway*

Emily: Thanks!!!  *gets in the car*

Chaz: Good luck buddy

Justin: I'll need it *leaves the house*

Justin was driving at a slow ass pace, I mean really slow until I yelled at him to go faster before we were late, well I would get detention and he would get cut off cause he's new.

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