With nothing to do, fredo yelling at the workmen outside getting the Meet and Greet ready, I paced up and down in the arena with no sign of Scooter or Kenny, it was just me and the microphone and the huge stage.

"Why are you pacing up and down, aren't you suppose to be outside watching Fredo?"

"Other me?"

"Yes Justin"

"I thought you were gone"

"I'm always here"

"Then why didn't you answer me when I was calling out to you before?"

"Your stepbrother interrupted"

"What do you want?"

"Just showing you the right path"

"I don't want anything to do with you, don't you get it?"

"You can't get rid of me Justin, I'm you"

"The last time I asked you about it, you disappeared"

"Did I?"

"Stop playing mind games with me, leave me alone"

"Justin listen to me, I'm you"

"Frankly, I don't know what that means"

"Let me show you" *appears infront of  19 year old Justin*

"I'm kidrauhl"

Justin: *stares at 15 year old Justin* No can't be

Kidrauhl: I'm infront of you am I not?

Justin: But how? I'm seeing things *turns away* You're not real, you're not real

Kidrauhl: *appears infront of Justin* But I am

Justin: *rubs my eyes* No you're not

Kidrauhl: Would I be able to do this *flips hair*

Justin: The hairflip

Kidrauhl: That's right

Justin: You're still wearing the purple outfit from My World tour, back then I was called Purple Ninja

Kidrauhl: Right again

Justin: But how?

Kidrauhl: You had to believe in me, and it was time you knew who you were talking to

Justin: But......

Kidrauhl: Can't you see Justin, I'm you, I always have

Justin: What?

Scooter: Justin?

Justin: Hm *turns around and sees Scooter and Kenny*

Scooter: Who are you talking to?

Justin: Uhm no one

Kidrauhl: *stands next to Justin*

Justin: *looks at Kidrauhl*

Scooter: I'm preety much sure I heard you talking

Justin: You heard wrong *gulps*

Scooter: We'll be outside

Justin: Okay, I'll be out in a minute

Scooter&Kenny: *leaves and goes outside*

Justin: *looks at Kidrauhl* How come they didn't see you?

Kidrauhl: I'm you remember, its only possible that you're the only one that can see me

Justin: How is all of this possible? Aren't you like a ghost

Kidrauhl: What have you done to our hair? *flips hair*

Justin: I cut it

Kidrauhl: Why?

Justin: Needed a change

Kidrauhl: Or is it because people were bringing your self esteem down? Or because they judged you and called you a girl?

Justin: You talk like a grown person, you're 15

Kidrauhl: I'm still a teenager, you're the adult now

Justin: Besides you're not the one to be asking questions right now

Kidrauhl: Is that so?

Justin: Very much so, so stop changing the subject

Kidrauhl: I may be 15, I may be the little kid that goit discovered on Youtube but trust me I have the brains of a 19 year old

Justin: that's me

Kidrauhl: That's what I have been telling you all the time, I'm you, you're me

Justin: It doesn't make sense Kidrauhl

Kidrauhl: It will Justin, soon it will

Justin: But when?

*hears beliebers outside*

Kidrauhl: I believe you have a meet and greet waiting outside for you

Justin: No don't go on me like you did the last time

Kidrauhl: I'm always with you *walks away slowly*

Justin: When will I know the absolute truth about what this is Kidrauhl?

Kidrauhl: Soon, Justin soon *voice fades away* soon *walks away and disappears*

After the estranged encounter he had with 15 year old Justin often known as "Kidrauhl" the little kid who got discovered on Youtube by his cute videos, that was when history was made. The little kid who played with pots and spoons for drums.

It all started with him


Justin jumped off of the stage and headed outside where he saw thousands of screaming girls "Beliebers" his beloved fans who he absolutely adores.

The Believe Meet and Greet was about to start

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