I got up from the bed, making slow footsteps around the room as the phone slowly rang on the other end, I could do nothing to escape after all we were locked in, Me and Drake that is....

I walked around the room as Drake gaping eyes followed my every move, all was still, the house was entirely quiet which makes me wonder what are Scooter and Fredo trying to get out of this, locking both of us in one room and all, its surprising that we haven't killed each other yet, Drake hates me and I hate him, that's how it has been for years

Justin: *looks at Drake and whispers* Quit staring at me will you, its creepy

Drake: It's my eyes

Justin: You know what......

*Phone Call*

Emily: Hello

Justin: Emily?

Emily: Justin?

Justin: Yes its me, don't be alarmed

Emily: I know your voice silly

Justin: I'm sorry about not telling you about Drake, I didn't know if it was the right thing to do

Emily: I understand

Justin: Are you sure?

Emily: Yes I'm sure

Justin: I hope so

Emily: Soooo what is the famous Justin Bieber doing right now

Justin: I got off of tour, so think of it as not being famous right now, well right now I'm actually stuck in a room with someone

Emily: Sounds nice

Justin: Being stuck with your stepbrother is far from nice, trust me

Drake: *yells* DID SHE ASK FOR ME?

Justin: No you idiot

Emily: Whoaaa Drake is with you right now?

Justin: Yes, we're stuck in the same room

Emily: Be careful Justin

Justin: He can't hurt me Emily *laughs*

Emily: I just want you safe

Justin: I am safe

Emily: Good

Justin: You're not mad at me still are you?

Emily: No we're cool

Justin: Great, I have a question, think about it first if you want to

Emily: Okay

Justin: How would you like to spend the day with me, at my house

Emily: Oh my god really?

Justin: Yes

Drake: *yells* WHAT?

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